Is a New Nintendo 3DS Model Coming?

Is a New Nintendo 3DS Model Coming?

Summer is winding down, but the convention season is not quite over. The 2011 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be happening mid-September, and until it’s come and gone, we’re not going to put on our Christmas hats.

This year’s TGS should be especially intriguing because there have been murmurs about Nintendo holding a press event a few days before the show starts. Naturally, our curiosity is red-hot. The Nintendo 3DS is on the market. E3 was all about the Wii U announcement. As far as Nintendo goes, what else is there?

Naturally, the guessing game has begun, and one popular rumor making the rounds is that the announcement will be for a “new” version of the Nintendo 3DS–one that boasts a new name, no 3D support, and two analogue thumbsticks instead of one.

There are two ways Nintendo could make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that it hates its audience. First, Reggie Fils-Aime could trek down into the bowels of Nintendo headquarters, sop three-headed Koopa Troopas on guard, and then press the red button that would detonate every Nintendo product situated in every home around the world. Or, Nintendo could announce that it’s engineering a new model of the Nintendo 3DS.

There aren’t many classy words that can describe how much of a bad move it would be for Nintendo to announce an overhaul to the Nintendo 3DS at this stage. Closest we can manage are “dumb” and “crazy.” “Suicidal” might fit the bill, too. The Nintendo 3DS’s numbers are finally picking up following a cool launch period, and a strong holiday line-up should help keep sales going.

Nintendo already needs to work on regaining the trust of early Nintendo 3DS adopters who paid full price for the system, as the Ambassador Program’s free downloadale games aren’t going to cut it for everyone. If Nintendo announced a whole new handheld at TGS, President Satoru Iwata would be bombarded by a torrent of Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black projectiles.

Moreover, Nintendo has promised up and down that a “Nintendo 3DS Lite” is not forthcoming, and it’s only just gotten people to reluctantly mutter, “All right,” and slowly open their wallets. Why say anything that would stop the music prematurely?

Finally, why erase the 3DS’s 3D ability? True, the handheld has received some bad press over the feature including paranoia about the 3D images supposedly damaging kids’ eyesight, but the 3D can be turned off entirely and locked down with parental controls. It doesn’t make any sense to make a whole new system just to remove that choice from users.

Given Nintendo’s history with revising the Nintendo DS, it’s no wonder the company is being haunted by rumors of a 3DS redesign. But if a new 3DS, or any kind of new handheld from Nintendo, is highly unlikely, at least for this year. Get back to guessing about the content of that new announcement. Maybe it’ll be something about genetically engineered Pikachus being put up for sale at pet stores around the world.

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  1. I cannot wait for the revamped version. Come on Nintendo, what are you waiting for? Give us the Nintendo DS phone. You will wipe the floor with Apple and everyone else. Nintendo make a 3DS phone, you must!

  2. I wish this would hurry up and get confirmed, I am on the virge of buying one but holding out in case a model comes out with 2 analog sticks. All I want is a new model with a 2nd analog stick!! I will play with the 3D turned off most likely but I don’t fancee buying a 3DS if they then bring out a version with both analog sticks included (which to be fair should of been in it from the start!). I am not attaching a horrible add on that uses batteries…that thing is ridiculous!

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