Steve Jobs Quits: What it Means to Gaming

Steve Jobs Quits: What it Means to Gaming

After 14 years at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs loosed a resignation announcement on August 24. The announcement has since created the kind of fuss that’s usually reserved for when a bee slips into the car. The media, iOS device owners, and pretty much the entirety of planet Earth wants to know, “What’s gonna happen to Apple?”

And us observers of the handheld gaming market who have been watching the ripples caused by the smartphone market want to know, “What does this mean for the clash between iOS devices and portables like the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita?”

The answer? Probably nothing.’s Sascha Segan penned an article reminding us that Jobs may have stepped down as CEO, but he’s not taking so much as ten steps away from Apple. “Steve Jobs is not leaving Apple,” Segan wrote. ” He will be ‘Chairman of the Board, director, and Apple employee.’ That’s straight from his resignation letter. Apple has been his life for decades, and he hasn’t shown much public interest in doing anything else other than Pixar.”

Segan also pointed out that Jobs has left things in the hands of Apple’s COO (and perhaps soon-to-be permanent CEO), Tim Cook, to take extended medical leave (Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the mid-2000’s).

In other words, as long as Jobs is healthy enough to work at Apple, he will. To that effect, there’s no reason why he or the rest of Apple would spontaneously decide to back away from grooming iOS devices to be major contenders in the portable gaming market.

There is some legitimate worry that future incarnations of the iPhone and iPad won’t be up to snuff without Jobs’ direct intervention, but Segan believes there’s little reason for concern. “Product cycles are long, and Jobs’ focus, famously, has been on the design phase,” he wrote. “The design phase is the beginning of a product cycle.

“I don’t have special knowledge of Apple, but I know phones. For Apple to release an iPhone 6 next year, they have to be working on it now. It takes that long to perfect a device.”

Jobs’ battle with his poor health has been long and difficult, and we wish him the best of luck in his new position at Apple. But sometimes fulfilling work can be a kind of medicine, and with that said, Jobs has reason to stick around and see how the next iterations of the iPhone fare against the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. As Milhouse Van Houten’s father once declared (while ripping off his shirt), “This party’s just getting started!

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