10 Best Free iPad 2, iPad Games

10 Best Free iPad 2, iPad Games

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2, then you have a big beautiful ticket to some great free-to-play games. Though much of the iPad’s game library consists of high-definition remakes of iPhone games, the iPad’s roomy screen makes the device ideal for puzzle games, word games, adventures, and other titles that don’t thrive in a squished environment.

Here are ten of the top best free games available on the iPad and iPad 2. Each one is well-suited for a larger screen, so you won’t have to deal with finger cramps or a perpetual squint.

Volkswagen HD Blue (Racing/Driving) — Volkswagen HD Blue puts a green twist on racing: Instead of putting the pedal to the metal and screaming down the track, you’re awarded according to how skillfully you accelerate and handle your car–all in the name of smart gas consumption. When you ride Volkswagen HD Blue, you ride with Mother Nature.

Air Hockey Gold (Air Hockey) — Air Hockey games are well-suited for the iPad, as the big screen doubles more comfortably as a table than the iPhone or iPod Touch. Air Hockey Gold moves smoothly and features an addictive two-player option. Best of all, the virtual puck is incapable of flying off the table and whacking you in the knuckles.

NY Times Crossword (Puzzle) — The NY Times Crossword app pretty much delivers what it promises, and if you’re a crossword fanatic, that means you’ll get a lot of mileage out of these puzzles. The app is free to download and is pre-loaded with several puzzles, but for a fee, you can subscribe and have puzzles sent to your iPad.

Labyrinth 2 HD Lite (Puzzle/Dexterity) — Remember those puzzles that required you to maneuver a little silver ball into a hole? They were generally palm-sized pieces of plastic shaped like a clown’s face and were afflicted upon you as part of a birthday party loot bag. Labyrinth 2 HD Lite is an iPad variation of that puzzle, except it’s worth playing. Aside from being challenged to dodge a multitude of objects, you can make your own courses, attempt levels designed by other rolling puzzle fiends, and engage in four-player multiplayer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Animal Chess 2 (Board Game) — Animal Chess 2 is an iPad adaptation of the Chinese game Dou Shou Qi–or, “The Game of Fighting Animals.” It’s easy to learn, and the animal motif makes the game fun for kids. The free iPad version features a two-player mode, as well as a single-player mode with randomly selected CPU difficulty.

Harbour Master HD (Line-Drawing) — Line drawing games feel cramped on the iPod Touch or iPhone, but Harbour Master HD‘s frantic pace is perfectly suited for the iPad screen. Now all those marine accidents and the ensuing deaths of hundreds can only be blamed on your own incompetence!

GodFinger (Kingdom Sim) — This free-to-play sim game challenges you to carve a kingdom and a following out of a barren rock land. You terraform the planet, manipulate the weather, protect your subjects from threats, and move them around/make them suffer at your whim.

New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush HD Free (Fantasy Racing) — Maneuver a roller coaster that’s threaded all through the streets of New York. Avoid traps, or otherwise watch your riders spill to their gruesome deaths. Actually, New York 3D Roller Coaster Rush HD is very reminiscent of an episode of the cartoon Phineas & Ferb, except this game offers more head-breaking.

Sarien Collection (Retro Sierra Adventure Games) — If you’ve thrown away hours of your young adulthood clicking through Sierra’s famous adventure games, you’re obligated to take the next evolutionary step and start poking around an iPad screen. Sarien.net is currently collecting Sierra’s best works and converting them for the iPad. Currently, The Black Cauldron and Gold Rush are available. ’80s it up!

Rhythm Racer 2 HD (Rhythm/Racing) — Rhythm Racer 2 HD is an audio-visual experience developed with tablets in mind. The game combines intense racing (operated via tilt controls) with music. The free version of the game includes some pack-in music, and you can buy “premium” songs for a small fee. A small band could do worse than advertise its music via a hyper-futuristic race car.

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