E3 2011: Who Will Win?

E3 2011: Who Will Win?

Hurry, hurry. Pick your horse and throw down your bets: It’s time to predict if E3 2011 will belong to Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft!

“Why does someone have to win?” asks “dudester” from the VideoGamer.com forums.

“So the eternal fanboy war will rage on,” answers “Bloodstorm.”

First, we need to look at what each company will have to offer. At this point, everything on Microsoft’s plate is vague and mysterious: Kinect support will undoubtedly be heavy, as Microsoft is trying to push the motion-based control peripheral on core gamers. We can expect to see lots of Child of Eden, and maybe even get some hands-on time with Yukio Futatsugi’s Project Draco.

We might also get some news on new installments in Microsoft’s key franchises, including Gears of War, Halo, and Fable, as well as announcements about new Xbox Live features and additional home entertainment or multimedia functionality for the console. In other words, Microsoft won’t present anything that’ll pop our monocles unless it really pulls a coup that it somehow managed to keep airtight until the last minute. A new console, for instance, or a new handheld.

Sony, like Microsoft, will focus on key (third-party) franchise entries, though demos Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will be a special focus on the PlayStation 3, because the hype behind Move appears to be petering out and probably won’t garner as many original titles as Kinect. That said, Sony will be showing off the NGP/PlayStation Vita handheld, and there will be a lot of interested stares. Comparisons to the Nintendo 3DS will come quickly and inevitably. Given bits of leaked news about the PlayStation 4, we’ll probably hear something about the machine, but we’re not likely to see any physical evidence of its existence this year. Maybe next year.

From this angle, Nintendo stands to walk away with the show. We know Project Cafe (Wii 2) will be on display, but we know just little enough to make seeing it all the more enticing. We know there will be a lot of Nintendo 3DS games previewed–including Super Mario 3DS–which will hopefully inoculate some life into the handheld’s lukewarm launch. We know The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be part of the show, and money will change hands as Nintendo fans win and lose bets about whether or not the game has been shifted to the position of a launch title for Project Cafe.

Also, Nintendo’s annual presentation will probably feature Reggie and/or Satoru Iwata staunchly defending the high prices of the Game Boy games available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and insisting that Nintendo will not participate in Apple’s supposed “Race to the bottom.” Sighs will follow, and then we’ll start subtly inching towards the door so we can be the first to play Project Cafe.

This is all just for fun, of course. There’s no such thing as “winning” E3, unless you count the fact that merely participating in the event makes everyone a winner (hooray!). The only individuals who lose out on E3 are those who hate good times with good games.

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