Final Fantasy VII Remake: Will it Ever Come?

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Will it Ever Come?

By far, 1997’s Final Fantasy VII is Square-Enix’s most recognized and most popular game; the title helped catapult the PlayStation, the role-playing game (RPG) genre, and Square-Enix (which was then “Squaresoft,” one half of today’s whole) into mainstream relevance in North America. The game still commands a good deal of praise and nostalgia from fans of Japanese RPGs, and when Square-Enix celebrated the title’s tenth birthday with several titles and a movie that made up “The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII,” said fans assumed a modern remake of the original game was on the way. An E3 tech demo released in 2005 that re-created the game’s iconic opening sequence fanned the burning rumor, but it remained just that: A demo.

So faithful Final Fantasy VII fans continue to wait for their remake.

And they wait.

And they wait.

Is it ever going to happen? Square-Enix has been waffling on the answer for a handful of years now, but it’s been suggested that the time is nigh due to Square-Enix’s financial woes.

Last year, GamesRadar put together a “timeline” of Square’s affirmations and denials that the moody mercenary Cloud Strife and his band of misfit pals would see a high-definition (HD) upgrade. Whenever Square-Enix feels like answering inquiries about a Final Fantasy VII with a negative, it cites different reasons: A high-def remake would be too difficult to put together, Square-Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase told Ultimania Magazine last year, and the original team that worked on Final Fantasy VII has since scattered to the winds.

But most of the excuses Square offers for staying away from a Final Fantasy VII remake are shaky, as Square-Enix isn’t shy about updating its classic Final Fantasy games to suit modern gaming technology, even if said tech isn’t at the absolute cutting edge of what’s available at the time. Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy IV have been retooled and re-released for iOS, Nintendo DS, and the PSP, multiple times in some instances. Final Fantasy V and VI were re-released on the Game Boy Advance. This makes sense, as portable game systems are Japan’s number-one choice, hence the reason why Square-Enix took the ninth installment of its popular Dragon Quest series over to the Nintendo DS.

So why is Square-Enix holding out on Final Fantasy VII? Is the company bent on making the theoretical remake a big, beautiful project on the budgetary level of a whole new Final Fantasy project?

It’s probable that Square-Enix would want the grandest presentation possible for a reboot, and Sony would certainly want to be on the ground floor of the project, especially after losing Final Fantasy XIII exclusivity. Some fans speculate that the company has always been capable of making a Final Fantasy VII remake on the Playstation 3 despite its claims to the contrary, and is in fact perpetually planning for one that will be revealed at the right moment. A Final Fantasy VII remake of any kind is almost guaranteed to be well-received, and now that Square-Enix needs a bit of a pick-me-up, we may well see one.

Will Square-Enix add its own exciting announcement on top of what already looks to be a very busy and memorable E3? Fans of the PlayStation’s biggest RPG are hoping so. A Final Fantasy VII remake on any system would prove difficult to turn away from.

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  1. I think the biggest issue they ran into, and I can’t recall when I read it, but they made mention of destroying the feel of the original by making an updated release.

    With the film being a sequel, most considered a sequel to the game beyond that of the film to be the next logical choice. I think Square thought the same, but that too risked destroying the familiarity and nostalgia of the original game.

    If they took a frame by frame update, and put the emotion of the original before graphics and changes… then perhaps they could pull this off. I for one am not holding my breath though. I fear the worst with any talk of rebooting FFVII.

  2. I have a really fantastic feeling that they will remake Final Fantasy VII

  3. I will refuse to die until I play a remake of Final Fantasy 7!!!!

  4. As long as they keep aerith’s theme… that’s all that is important 😀 the rest of the emotion will center around that theme!!

  5. Ash (super final fantasy fan)

    im a super final fantasy fan and VII is my favourite of allll XD ummm but i think instead of just remaking the original game they should try to … fuse all the games, spin-off’s and movies all into 1 big game 🙂 that would be pretty epic to play through the complete final fantasy VII saga … but thats just my view … although an original remake of final fantasy VII wouldn’t be a bad idea either lol i mean everybody will buy it and square will defiantly be in profit 🙂 ive been waiting ages and ages for square to at least attempt the game but i guess theres a long time before any of us see final fantasy VII remake T__T

  6. The “newest” games system I currently own is a PS2 – if Square ever make a remake of FFVII on any new console – be it PS3 / XBOX or whatever else, I would buy the console and the game purely to play that game alone.

    What I would also really love to see would maybe be some sort of movie (advent children type animation) telling the WHOLE FFVII from the start to the end of the ps1 game (lets pretend advent children didn’t happen). I would love that.

  7. Ash (super final fantasy fan)

    lol yeh a game and a movie soo you could watch it and play it if you wanted to . . . nice thinkin aha

  8. AnotherJoeWantsThisGameMade

    Final Fantasy VII is greatest game ever but a graphics update would be nice. I like the blocky look to the original but yeah it needs to be remade. I’d also be happy with a 1080p blocky ps3 game release just to keep me happy for the time being. I’d like it on a disc not download off psn.

  9. Few people know this, but the original story line of FF7 had Aeris slated to be brought back to life after Sephiroth kills her. The reason this didn’t happen is because of huge demand for the game and Square simply did not take the time to work it into to final project before the release of the game. If Square really is going to create a remake of FF7, I hope and pray that they will take the time to create the game as it was originally intended.

  10. A re-release of FF7 would be a dream come true for fans and SquareEnix alike. Especially since which ever system it was released for, I would purchase exclusively for FF7! Do they understand the LOADS of money they would make?? Probably 1 in 4 fans would buy a system just to play that one game!

  11. Cloud's Man Crush

    If square is losing money on the ff series why do they continue making these new ff’s. FFXII and FFXIII are not even comparable to FFVII. And they made a sequel to FFXII. If its about money just make the remake. they already have a story, characters and script. There is a TON of money to be made with a remake.

  12. For the love of all that is good, remake this title. Square is totally losing alot of fans and money because of 13 being a flop (bad bad bad game). 14 was a flop also, they’re losing alot by not doing a full scale remake of it, full development and all that would definitely make a quality rehash, they should do it, if they dont, then they hate money, and no one hates money…

  13. Like everyone else I would love to see a remake of 7….13 was utter crap and an insult to all the fans that have loved the series for years.
    I believe they owe it to the fans as way of an apology for the worst ps3 game I played last year!

  14. I would rather see the game ported to the Wii or the DS with updated graphics. To remake the game from gound up is a waste of time and resources.

  15. If they follow through with the remake, i hope that they stick to the main story of FF 7. I LOVED the story line of Final Fantasy 7 and will play it for hours on end even to this day, so like i said, Square Enix, if you follow through with the remake, please please PLEASE dont change anything BUT the graphics

  16. What I think they should is leave the overworld graphics alone. But make the battle graphics and cutscenes look like final fantasy 13 quality. Fix the mistranslations and typos, put in some trophies and there ya go. A remake that everyone would probably be happy with.

  17. Maybe tinker with the chocobo racing/breeding a little. Maybe remove a bit of the corniness. Still my favorite game of all time and a remake would be fantastic

  18. A ffvii remake would be like when kojima revealed mgs4 for ps3, the bomb were drop and everyone were amazed of excitement! I would love it to happen but i also belive the team behind vii is very scattered in squarenix right now. I don’t think it’ll happen nowadays but would completely be pleased to buy it if it ever occurs!!!

  19. Those who speculate that the original character of the game would be diminished by an HD update are forgetting something: the FMV sequences (of which there are many) depict the characters in what would likely be their PS3 representation (or close to it). So why would doing so full-time, in real-time, destroy the charm of the game?

    And even if it were true that the charm of the game would be ruined by life-like characters, why not then just re-make the game in realtime, with real (and updated) backgrounds? Even if they were fixed-camera, it would make doing cutscenes that much easier. Not only that, but with all the experience that Square has accumulated over the last handful or more Final Fantasy games they’ve released, the could not only pay tribute to the original artwork/backgrounds, but also make them presentable for a whole new audience that might otherwise be put off by the game’s now dated look.

    As for the characters? In keeping with the “charm,” they could just make them sharper, more detailed versions of the originals. Sort of like Final Fantasy IX’s characters, but with smoother, higher-res textures. I am a die hard Final Fantasy fan, and have been for a long time; most notably, Final Fantasy VI and VII, and I personally would not only be okay with them doing that, but I would easily pay more than the full-price of a regular game just to do so. And if released on the PS3 (which I wouldn’t, if I were them; I’d go for the Wii U or the XBOX360, but that’s just me), I would definitely go out and buy one, since I don’t have one at the moment.

    This would be a second launching point for Square. It’s very obvious that they’re hurting, both financially and creatively. Case in point: they may be trying to move the Final Fantasy series in a new direction and all, but if they were smart, they would have done that with a new series. I think their reasoning behind it was that the new direction would get more recognition and face-time with consumers if it were branded with the series’ name. But the flaw in that is that the formula they had wasn’t broken, and that if their new direction were good, it would stand on it’s own 2 legs regardless of brand name. One could argue that it would sell strictly because it was a Square game. Such is not the case anymore, and they did it to themselves.

    Don’t believe me? Ask any 20-something-or-older person, who was around during the early years of Final Fantasy, if they “connected” with any of the stories and/or characters of recent years. I’ve played every game in the series, and I haven’t felt that “WOW!” moment since the final scene (of the perfect ending) of Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy X came close, and definitely had it’s merits, but it was a beginning to what would, in my opinion, be the undoing of the series: the battle system became more automatic and boring, the action on screen was far too “ooh, look how busy we can make things look with all the movement and camera angles,” and the story became linear and boring. I can’t even remember a single impacting scene from Final Fantasy XII; not a single one. I can barely remember any character names, that’s how forgettable and uninteresting they are. But I can name every single main and supporting character from FFVI, VII, and IX. Easily, even all these years later.

    Things like: the moment when (spoiler?) Zidane and Dagger are reunited at the end of FFIX, when Zidane pulls off his cloak and reveals himself to her; talk about a “WOW” moment! You didn’t REALLY know it was coming, but you hoped it was. The build up to it was epic, and you actually felt the joy and happiness when it happened. Why? Because you connected with those characters; you loved them as if they were real friends that you’ve been through a journey with. Same thing for Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barret, etc. The moment when Sephiroth kills Aerith (I’m not worried about that one being a spoiler to anyone; you live under a rock if you don’t know by now). That is still recognized as one of the most powerful moments in video game history. And for good reason; you didn’t expect it. Like… at all. And when it happened, you felt a real sense of loss. It was a big, bold move on Square’s part, and they haven’t done very much since to match up, other than in FFIX, which to me was the sign of a spark that would quickly afterward start to fade.

    They need a game changer. They need to reinvent the genre with what works, not trying to search for ways to make it more complex. Books & stories have not changed drastically over the years for a simple reason: they work as is. A good story will sell itself. Good gameplay will sell along with it. My suggestion? Go back to turn-based battle systems. They worked, they were great, and they’re one of the main reasons I loved RPGs: because it was about thinking, strategy, and girding to get those new abilities to squash your opponent. These new battle systems are horrid; it’s all about automation, repetition, and reaction time. That’s not what people loved about RPGs. Not all of us, anyway.

    Another suggestion? Stop trying to make everyone so damn realistic. Part of why I loved Final Fantasy games in the past, was because they seemed like a fantasy. The more realistic you make it, the less it becomes about fantasy, and the more it becomes about reality; if I wanted reality, I wouldn’t be playing a video game, would I Square? The Crystal Chronicles has the right idea, wrong execution (and wrong spin; it’s an off-shoot, not the main series).

    Square could make something amazing again, I know they could. They’re just too preoccupied with trying to keep up with mainstream trends. Stop it. Stop it right now. Go back and play your own games, Square; play Final Fantasy VI. Play VII. Play IX. Forget 8, because even though it’s better than recent attempts, it’s still one step in the wrong direction, and I think you know that (hence the drastic change back to old formula in IX). You know what your fans want: bad guys, spells, turn-based fighting, fancy summon spells, a “magic” menu option, materia/espers/eidolons, lovable & memorable characters, world maps, shops, and a great, grand, epic story. You haven’t done that in a while: you’re about due.

  20. While I hate all the changes too, I kind of sympathize about Square-Enix wanting to do different stuff, they’ve been doing similar formulas since FF first dawned. Its a shame to see that the king of console RPGs (FF series) taking such a massive fall in the realm of MMORPGs. Alot of the new stuff is a technical marvel with it at the same time being very stale to the player, especially veteran consumers of the franchise.

    For instance, the Gambit system in FF12 is genius but makes battle a snooze if set up correctly where you never have to alter actions in the middle of combat. A good alternative would’ve been that the Gambit system was exclusively for AI guests, and all the other members are player controlled on a manageable ATB system. And I agree with being 20-something and not having memorable experiences with these new games VS the ones pre-11.

    FFXIII was beautiful as far as level and character design went, but totally tanked as far as playability, dialog and typical dorkyness. The annoying little white girl and the stereotypical black man that does drive-by shootings in a summon-able Demigod car thingy were too over the top for me. The worst scene was “I’m gonna shoot dat ho” where he started busting caps at little… Vanille, I believe is her name. She reacted to getting hit by bullets like they were mere cigarette butts being flicked at her, it was pathetic. That right there should’ve been an epic Aeris scene, where they kill her off or something. “Meh, bullets… I’ve been penetrated by worse back in the day,” is basically what I read from that scene.

    Notice how the 13 saga, the “Fabulous Novalis Crystalmethis” or whatever its called, isn’t quite going as planned as the 7 saga? Heck, VS is being turned into Type 0 as we speak, lets hope XIII-2 is refreshing as X-2 was.

  21. Wow! i dont understand how SquareEnix can just ignore all of the request for a remake. Its obvious that all their fans want it to be done. Ever since it was released people have wanted more. Even though they have released the spin offs, we still want to re-live the FF7 experience.

    I believe that even if it was a simple remake, just a graphics change that they would make so much money and their fans would be completely over the moon (i know i would be!). Their new FF series games are killing squares reputation. They need to wake up and realise that there fans are dying for a remake! Even though we all know it would be very long and difficult task for them, we no they can do it!

    We have stuck bye Squares side since they first started the FF series and i think i speak for all of us when i say that we think we deserve to be heard by Square and for them to atleast attempt to remake the FFVII!! Dont get me wrong, i still lve Square! We just have too hope like hell they will listen to all of us.

  22. The primary issue Square runs into is the open world type of game that FFVII is. FFXIII wasn’t open world. They went away from open world starting with FFX, but they still had the airship to take you wherever you wanted to go. To create the open world in the best possible graphics quality wee have today, it would cost a lot. You’d need to build an entirely new game engine. Okay, that’s do-able, if expensive. But can the PS3, as amazingly powerful as it is, handle those kind of graphics? I mean, look at Battlefield 3. The graphics are nowhere near as pretty as FFXIII, but it takes a GTX 560 to run it on a computer as per recommendation. I don’t think that the PS3 could handle what fans are demanding. The logical solution: PS4! Build a PS4, and I don’t know what all could change with that, but perhaps a better processor (icore or something) and give it a much more powerful graphics card. More RAM wouldn’t hurt matters either. But until we see a change in the hardware, I don’t see FFVII coming out for console anytime in the near future. That being said, I say make the PS4, and/or make the game for Computers. It’d be a waste of money not to make it for console as well though. Heck, build the PS4, and sell special edition bundles with FFVII. They’d make a killing and Xbox would be crying itself to sleep at night. Also, keep it exclusive. That multidisc version that wasn’t even full HD for the Xbox 360 was retarded.

  23. If they do make a remake, I think they should offer it on multiple systems. Mainly Xbox 360 and PS3. I would love for them to make a remake, but I only have an xbox 360. Which means I would have to buy a PS3 if it only came out on that console. It would be inconvenient for a lot of people.

  24. After playing all the Final Fantasy on NES,SNES,and PS1, When Final Fantasy X came out it was the only real reason i purchased a PS2, If they remake FF7 I don’t care what console it comes out on, either a current system or a New System, I’m going to buy that system no matter the cost just to play the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

  25. FF I-III Classic
    FF IV-VI Awesomeness
    FF VII-IX The Best of ALL Time
    FF X Gotta be one of the best ever but Tidus Girly Voice over in the US was Annoying. the Story,art and game was just pure genius.
    FF X-2 BORING and actually kinda SUCKS
    FF XII Not bad but reminded me to much of Starwars mixed with the Royal Family Conspiracys.
    FF XIII can stay on the Self in the stores. It was pretty Crappy.

    Square Enix can Remake ANY of the FF games they want but FFVII, VIII, IX are a MUST! I mean CLOUD, SQUALL and ZIDANE Who wouldn’t love to see these 3 chars, They are the best. If they remake FF7 they must Remake FF8 and FF9 as well.

  26. I personally think that people’s expectations are so high about a remake that when and if it comes, they won’t like it. Similar to what happened with Star Wars. If a person puts aside obsessive fanboyism about Star Wars nostalgia(I’m not saying that I thought Episode 1 was a good movie, Jar Jar Binks ughhh…I did like Episode 3 and Episode 2 was a good movie I thought-times are different, technology is different, our paradigm about what is good is different, etc etc), but if like a lot of people feel about Final Fantasy 7(it’s is a holy relic much like Christians feel about the Bible, and I’m not saying FF7 wasn’t a good game either, it had an amazing story line) but my point is that if Lucas CORRECTLY remade the ORIGINAL Star Wars, people crying for it(if that were happening) would have a stroke at how bad it was because they wouldn’t feel the same about it as they did when they saw the original even if in reality it was better. I personally believe that that is why Squaresoft WON’T remake this game no matter how much people want it. They won’t remake it because if they mess with holy cannon to their game line and gamers reject it because it doesn’t create the same feelings as the original, they could go bankrupt because it will cost a LOT of money to make as well as time. Would a remake look cool? Of course. Would it create the same feelings? I don’t think so. I loved it when it came out, but going back and playing it now 14 years later, I don’t feel the same as playing Final Fantasy 10. Not just with the difference in graphics, but I got tired of the story line. Same with currently if I played 10. I would be tired of the story line. FF8, the same way. Boring. In fact I just tried about a half hour ago to go back and play FF7, I was bored. Just doesn’t feel the same as it did when I was 18.

  27. One other thing, I LOVED the storyline in FF13! When Lightning said she wanted to kill the Fal’cie(before Vanille and Sahz went their separate ways on their way to Nautilus), I said amen sister Lightning, all hail atheism/humanism. The ending where she denounced Orphan as pure evil, she said that humans choose their own purpose and if the Fal’cie want death, just go die and leave the rest of us alone etc etc, then KILLED Orphan, I wanted to jump up and down. If only we could get the Arabs to rise up against Allah, that would be the day! FF7 didn’t deal with killing the religion of the world. FF10 did. One thing I didn’t like about FF7 was it was too open. 8 was the same way. 13 is the ONLY Final Fantasy I have ever beaten.

  28. Start remaking 7 all the way up to 10.

    ‘Cause all the rest were utter, utter, complete rubbish.
    SE you really turned retarded after Hironobu Sakaguchi left.

    Actually, 10 wasn’t that bad, but X2 and all that other rubbish, damn. That was bad.

  29. @Aaron Dominguez, I agree multiple console’s would be nice to see, however your forgetting a very big console, again one of Square Enix’s biggest let down’s to me, the PC. Yes we all know there’s so many problems with PC Gaming nowadays, The amount of technical problems, general idiots trying to run high-spec game’s on out-dated hardware.

    But common. The Original FFVII was released on PC, I feel that it’s wrong to not release it for PC aswell as Xbox 360 and PS3 if a remake was to ever go ahead.

    Im not sure on other peoples opinions on this but, I personally don’t mind if the graphics look like late PS2 games or brand-spanking new PS3 games. Anything that’s a more recognisable improvement from the original is fine in my book.

    I personally think that even more basic PS3, low-budget graphics would be fine.

    And yes I know im sucking at explaining this but I hope you can understand the ‘Gist’ of what im trying to say.

  30. Well, I’ve been a Final Fantasy nut for a long time. I used to watch my brother play X when I was little (Yeah I’m not from the 80’s generation) and ever since then I’ve embarked on a journey through many of the games, including VII! Personally, I guess Sqaure just doesn’t want to do anything else with this game because they feel like they’ve done enough with it? I’m trying to be realistic but honestly I WOULD be over the moon if this stuff happened. I’ve seen enough remake demos on YouTube to get an idea of what the graphics would look like and I FREAKING WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.
    I have not played XIII, is it that bad really? I lended my copy of XII to my brother a few months ago and I don’t think he’s played it yet. that is a hard game. I am willing to give new battle strategies a try, but I do miss the turn-based ATB.
    Also, to Brendan: WELL-SAID, FELLOW GAMER!

    All in all, I would not mind a Final Fantasy VII remake, but my life will go on if it doesn’t happen. As much as I love the Final Fantasy series…it’s in my heart forever….I am still realistic enough to realize “the greatest RPG ever” will remain just that, with no remakes and no sequels.

  31. FF VII is my favorite of all time but to say 13 was trash is crazy. 13 was great but like dave said people expectations are so high that they don’t sit back and enjoy the game. They don’t need to make a remake leave it alone it’s a classic. Keep making good titles and fans need to buy and enjoy…but I would like to see cloud in another FF

  32. I’ve been waiting for this for decades now ever since they release the PS2. Will they make a remake? The movie may serves like a teaser on how cloud and the rest of the gang may look like in an improved graphics. The battle of Sephiroth vs Cloud with today’s gaming graphics engine would be freakin’ cool. And if they ever make a remake they should put an end to to many FF7 rumors like Aeris ressurection quest etc.

    Maybe they holding out the remake because they want it to be as near perfect as the original version was. Game play, storyline, quest, side quest, cut scenes and even the dialogs maybe hard to surpass in the original version.

  33. Square dismissed making a remake because it would take way too long and cost too much unfortunately and it sucks because that would be incredible but every Ff7 into one game that would be huge to make a game that large and put together. Even with the storage capabilities of blue discs

  34. For the love of God please remake FFVII.. But DONT change a thing!! Appart from the graphics.. Leave the random battles! Thats what final fantasy is, random battles! None of this FFXII, FFXIII shit.. Come on Square!! You can do it </3

  35. What better way to hype a new console?

    FF VII for the PS4…….

    ive already started saving for it!

  36. Fans look up on Final Fantasy 15 example idea’s throw some
    idea’s something like grandia 3 if who’s has that or some
    better idea’s for example.

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