New Video Show: Vs. Mode – Two Can Play

Ever wonder how video game TV shows get made? Guess no more: It typically starts with an original concept, script and test episode known as a “pilot.” But on occasion, the brave captains at our in-house video production arm, Game Industry TV, aren’t afraid to roll like their brethren at Southwest Airlines. Which is to say that they’re not afraid to fly blissfully unawares, and by the seat of their pants, just to see how exhilarating and/or horrific an unplanned ride can be – or what sudden holes may appear.

Such was the case when we threw caution (and hyper-caffeination) to the wind, and quickly shot and scrapped together this short teaser for new talk show Vs. Mode: Two Can Play, which pits two of the industry’s top luminaries together in heated debate. While not the final video setup and presentation we’ll ultimately be debuting in the near future, we couldn’t resist providing a sneak peek at the future series, if only for sheer curiosity value. Make of Episode 0: Video Game History: The Past, Present and Future of Play what you will. Starring Ultima creator Richard Garriott and Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin, who argue just how far gaming has come, and has yet to go, it offers a fascinating perspective on just how much the art and business of game design has changed over the last four decades.

From the days of 5 ¼ inch floppy disks and Apple II computers to today’s wonderful world of social games, iPhone apps, free to play online outings and digital distribution, be sure to tune in and enjoy. If for no other reason, it provides a great sense of how two of the field’s brightest minds look back at their storied time in the business – and why, despite owning a freaking castle, Lord British still feels like he got royally screwed.

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Scott Steinberg is CEO of strategic consulting and product testing firm TechSavvy Global, and a noted keynote speaker and business expert. Hailed as a top tech expert and parenting guru by critics from USA Today to NPR, he’s also an on-air analyst for ABC, CBS and CNN.


  1. TensAndTwenties

    Fantastic video! Awesome work. I love hearing the opinions of experienced developers. Scott asks all the right questions.

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