10 Best Gaming Websites for Parents

10 Best Gaming Websites for Parents

If you’re a parent or child’s guardian and your kid loves playing video games, you’ll want to make sure you know everything about the pastime. Pop quiz: What’s your kid’s favorite video game system? If you answered, “Uh, the Nintendo PlayBox?” it’s time to visit some of the parent-oriented gaming websites that populate the Internet. They’re informative, easy to navigate, and many go into great detail about potentially offensive content in certain video games. Readily available online, all of the below resources provide the info you need to make informed video game purchases, find new games for parents to play with kids or determine which titles are appropriate for your children.

What They Play — IGN’s What They Play site features complete game summaries that outline how a game is played and break down the reasons behind the game’s assigned ESRB rating. The website also suggests suitable alternatives for popular M-rated mature games, helping you direct kids’ interests towards more family-friendly replacements.

Get Game Smart — Get Game Smart educates parents on how to set up parental controls, set time limits for healthy playing, and offers tips on how to help kids deal with cyberbullying. The Microsoft-owned resource also instructs kids on how to report sites with inappropriate content.

GamerDad: Gaming With Children — GamerDad’s website includes a warm personal touch. “Dad,” whose full name is Andrew S. Bub, reviews games and helps parents learn to love their kids’ favorite pastime, as well as provides hints and tips for more healthy gaming habits.

Family Friendly GamingIdeal for Christian families, Family Friendly Gaming aims to help parents select titles that are morally appropriate for their children. You’ll find ratings and advice for picking titles on PlayStation 3 (PS3), Wii, Xbox 360, DS/3DS, PSP and more, including coverage of iPhone apps as well.

Common Sense Media Common Sense Media helps parents choose games that are suitable for children by offering detailed game outlines and recommendations. The site also reviews movies, apps, television shows, books, and music.

Parents’ ChoiceParents’ Choice reviews media that’s appropriate for children, and aims to educate parents about the benefits of video games that have been shadowed by media reports about violence and obesity.

Children’s Technology ReviewCTR keeps parents up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of kid-oriented media. The site includes information on activities like “AppCamp,” a summer program that teaches children how to develop their own games and apps.

Edutaining KidsEdutaining Kids features extensive lists and articles that outline the best games and systems for families. It also reviews games that are appropriate for teenagers.

The Media Awareness NetworkThis website (based in Canada) educates parents on the benefits of sharing game time with their kids.

Plugged InPlugged In reviews games, movies, and television shows and makes special note of whether or not said entertainment is appropriate for kids, teens, and/or adults.

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