Is the PlayStation 3 Doomed to Fail?

Is the PlayStation 3 Doomed to Fail?

The life cycle of video game consoles has been flipped completely on its head. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 miles ahead of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, but the company is in no huge rush to replace its 6-year-old games system. Sony and Nintendo aren’t moving quickly to replace their aging consoles, either. In fact, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes it’s going to be some time before we see the next generation of game consoles. Given Microsoft and Sony’s focus on Kinect and Move, not to mention Nintendo’s launch of the 3DS, he may be right.

So the current stable of game systems will be sticking around for a while. At first glance, the PlayStation 3 has an advantage over the Wii and Xbox 360: Its hardware is more powerful and a bit less aged than its competitors. But Neil Young, the founder of ngmoco, believes that Sony’s system isn’t well-suited for the future market, going as far as to say the PlayStation 3 is “in trouble.”

“In the hardware world, I think Sony’s massively out of position. I think they’re in trouble. I think Microsoft’s in much better shape,” Young told IndustryGamers. “[Microsoft] understand[s] cloud computing; the Xbox Live service is a world-class service, and they’ve got a foothold in mobile, albeit a tenuous one. I think they’re in better shape.”

Young also pointed out that the Xbox 360 is a fertile breeding ground for third-party developers who want to take advantage of community-based games. The Wii, Young said, obviously doesn’t have the technology for advanced community gaming or cloud computing, but Nintendo can fall back on its lucrative IPs.

Sony has been steadily closing the gap between sales of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. It’s not likely the PS3 will be a legacy system like its long-selling predecessor, the PlayStation 2, but it’s far from in trouble. Cloud gaming has a ways to go before it becomes commonplace on consoles: Until then, gamers can buy games at retail, or they can download games on the PlayStation Network. Moreover, the Windows Phone 7 means Microsoft does in fact have a foothold in the mobile market, but Sony’s not far behind with the Xperia Play.

It’s hard to say when the next generation of consoles will hit; maybe we’ll hear something at E3 this year. But we’re stuck in a nice, comfortable rut as far as game distribution is concerned for this generation. We’ll take a closer look at the Big Three’s plans for game distribution in the coming round of system fights, and then we’ll determine who’s in trouble and who’s doing okay.

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  1. i am really starting to hate how people say ps3 sucks or its going to fail xbox aka (mircrosoft) had a lot longer time to settle in to online gaming and they started the game race sony is back in line and its now a fight playstation network has not been around a very long time and xbox360 has ben out for 7 years just about and all in all i think they are both good systems but sony has the edge compared to microsoft because of the newer system that hasent blown up to its full potential

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