Will the Wii 2 Appear at E3?

Will the Wii 2 Appear at E3?

Retail workers speak of “Christmas Creep,” a phenomenon that sees ads make mention of the holiday buying season as early as July. Games writers have their own variation: “E3 Creep.” We’re in February’s deep freeze, but we started buzzing about annual industry gala E3 2011 a long time ago. The volume on said buzz recently rose a bit after IndustryGamers posed a question: Will Nintendo reveal anything about the inevitable “Wii 2” at this year’s E3?

The site didn’t pluck the question out of mid-air. THQ’s CEO, Brian Farrell, let slip a small hint at Nintendo’s plans when he spoke at the Goldman Saches Technology and Internet Conference on February 17. Farrell said that there’s no plans for a new Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 soon (the latter point was confirmed by Kaz Hirai recently), but as for a follow-up to Nintendo’s Wii? “It’s difficult on Nintendo – we’ll let them announce their new hardware.”

Sounds excitingly fishy! Will Nintendo tell us something about the Wii’s successor this June?

It’s not an easy yes or no answer. Nintendo will doubtlessly be spending most of its energy on showing off the Nintendo 3DS, which will have already launched by the time the show starts. Also, the Nintendo 3DS’s “launch window” will have closed by then, so there will be no shortage of software on display. If Nintendo wants to seduce potential buyers who are still holding back for “Nintendo 3DS Lite” (which is not forthcoming, Nintendo promises), E3 will be Nintendo’s time to rope undecided hearts.

But there are two problems with Nintendo dedicating E3 2011 to the Nintendo 3DS. First, E3 2010 was the Nintendo 3DS’s time to shine: It was exciting, and the first revelation blew everyone away. By all means, the 3DS will glow at E3 2011 like a demigod, but it’s already familiar. People might expect something more from Nintendo, namely, another surprise.

Second, and more importantly, what kind of presence is the Wii going to have at E3? We’ll probably learn a lot more about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which will be great, but what else is in the works? Will Nintendo blindside us with some great new releases for the Wii? Or will the company talk about something else?

Obviously, Nintendo won’t want to overshadow the 3DS at E3. If there is a mention of the Wii 2, it will be exactly that: A mention. But even a hint, combined with the excitement of the Nintendo 3DS’s lineup, would be enough for Nintendo to steal the show.

Nintendo moves at its own pace, though, so don’t lay down any bets on hearing about the Wii 2 at E3 2011. As for TGS 2011 or E3 2012? Empty your penny jar and get ready.

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  1. Next year maybe, but not this year. The 3DS is too important for Nintendo. I think that they would want to improve on the motion control first before releasing a new console.

  2. Maybe they’ll announce it at the Gamescom in July. By this time the 3DS will be out and the hype is quite over.

  3. Tough to say. The big question is whether they really need to announce a successor just yet. They might have one more year left in this one, particularly if they announce some new titles for the months following, as they tend to do.

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