GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Reviewed

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Reviewed

Corporate America has made it so that buying a jug of milk is a harrowing question-filled ordeal that would make the legendary Sphinx turn tail and run:

“Cash, credit, debit, or check?”

“Paper or plastic? Or did you bring your own bag?”

“Do you have one of our Reward cards?…Would you like one?…I really think you should sign up. We’ve been trained in the art of pen-based torture.”

Hyperbole aside–

Actually, there’s little hyperbole involved in this example. Few are the chains that don’t harass buyers to sign up for a “Points Card” or a “Rewards Program.” American retail is dying to take a look at your spending habits, to say nothing of your phone number, your family’s headcount, and your zip code. In exchange for this very valuable marketing information, your new Card will allow you access to discounts and bonuses that range from crummy to moderate.

GameStop has earned its spot as the nation’s number-one games retailer through aggressive sales tactics and a secondhand game market that just won’t quit. Its methods have garnered criticism, but one thing is indisputable: Said methods have worked.

Towards the end of October, GameStop made another big maneuver to secure the North American games market. It began hawking its PowerUp Rewards Card, which awards points on every GameStop purchase: 10 points on every dollar spent on a new game, system, or accessory, and 20 points for every dollar spent on used merchandise. The PowerUp Rewards site lists some of the stuff you can exchange your points for, including A glow-in-the-dark Space Invaders T-shirt, Xbox 360 faceplates, subscriptions to Game Informer, and other tchotchkes.

A GameStop employee identifying himself as “Dragonfire81” submitted a breakdown of the new program to consumer watchdog website, The Consumerist. Not surprisingly, the breakdown illustrates that GameStop’s reward points are not worth your time or privacy–but Dragonfire81 warns that employees have been instructed to harass customers into signing up.

“Firstly, the program rolled out nationally just last week, so every GameStop employee in the country is under orders to sign up everyone under the sun for the program,” Dragonfire81 wrote. “The company expects that with the rewards program being available in a free option that they can get 90% of customers signed up for these cards. If you go into any GameStop between now and Christmas (and probably beyond) you can expect to be badgered mercilessly about the card and given the stink eye if you don’t want one, even a free one.”

Anyone who has worked a retail job in the United States is probably feeling mixed pangs of dread and sympathy for GameStop’s employees. Being instructed to sign up customers for rewards cards, credit cards, and all their ilk is a nightmare of numbers, paperwork, and customer abuse. Faceless individuals who lord over store chains from another state issue rewards–and more often, threats–in order to strong-arm hapless cashiers into harassing wary shoppers who just want to buy their products and go home.

The difference with GameStop’s new program is that they’re forcing it on a young and relatively savvy customer base. We’re not little old ladies who will exchange personal information in order to save a few pennies: We frequent the game community, hear from its employees, and visit websites like The Consumerist. We know first-hand the misery of hawking these rewards programs.

Despite GameStop’s success, its wide expansion, low payout for used games, and never-ending attempts to sign up consumers for Game Informer subscriptions has not endeared the chain to the community. If GameStop is truly looking for 90% penetration with its rewards card, its methods will have to be more aggressive and relentless than ever. How will gamers react? Will we finally be pushed too far?

GameStop is king, but it’s not without competition. While digital downloads will probably never replace the retail giant, they can certainly sway a person who wants to play a new game without the hassle of shopping for it. And enduring a drawn-out sales pitch is a hassle. Moreover, people may find a peaceful shopping environment a very fair trade-off for the slightly higher prices that independent game stores sometimes require.

GameStop may be introducing its rewards program in order to get to know its customer base better, but its prodding might backfire. Interestingly, the chain is overlooking the most important fact it should know about its customers: They know what GameStop is trying to push on them, and they’re not interested.

About Nadia Oxford
Nadia is a freelance writer living in Toronto. She played her first game at four, decided games were awesome, and has maintained her position since. She writes for, Slide to Play, GamePro and other publications, and is’s Guide to the Nintendo DS.


  1. shadowdragon1989

    1st of all we don’t force or harass our customers into signing up 4 the program. Some gamestop’s do, but some dont. We will ask the consumer if they have a rewards card and if not ask if they would b interested in one, if the customer says no then we don’t bother asking them again. As I’am an employee of the company.

  2. I’m also a Gamestop employee and I do not encourage my employees to harass or badger anyone, mercilessly into this program. Who doesn’t want 10% off of pre-owned merchandise, a Game Informer subscription, and rewards for spending money they already planned to spend?. It does nothing but benefit both parties, and is very easy to sell.

  3. Clearly this author is an idiot. This would be spot on if consumers were “saavy and wary” except 75% are nowhere near. Number one, the rewards card is in every way better than the current Edge card, as it offers all of the same bonuses of the Edge card, plus the already mentioned points you can redeem for stuff. you earn points on literally anything you do in the store, with either version of the card, and if you have the Pro version, you get the same bonuses as the edge card as well. the problem is, most customers are in too big a hurry to listen to ANYthing at the register, regardless of how much money these cards actually will save them. a purchase of 75 dollars in used games already saves half of the cost of the card, and likewise, trading in 75 dollars does the same. done, card paid for, points racked up, and you now have a year of the magazine, a year of the 10% discount, 10% extra trade in value. sure, you could probably get more money elsewhere on some titles, but it sure seems a lot easier to trade in stuff in the store, rather than pay to post something online, mail it out, wait 3 days for your money and then be able to use the extra 5 bucks you might have gotten, what do i know.

  4. i am a custome and the dont harras people in there i had buy a lot of times in there

  5. you guys are just so dumb why pay for something they try to make you believe its like extended warranty they make you think you have previlage but you dont

  6. The employees at the gamestop where I live are great, no badgering. You may get a pitch or suggestion on occasion. I dont mind this, though not common, I have heard about titles that werent even on my radar yet. It’s nice to have a physical copy of a magazine and the card is cheaper than most subscriptions. I see no problem with this program, and this comming from someone who gets irritated when asked if if I need help

  7. Author is just nit picking. I have never felt harassed at my local Gamestop and i feel the rewards program is great. I get 10% off on purchases and 10% extra on trade-ins. For people that buy a lot of games this helps. I also enjoy getting GI magazine, it lets me know what to look out for ( i know i can find it on the internet ) but I prefer the magazine, especially for bathroom time 🙂

  8. joe is absolutely correct. as a 30 year old gamer, i signed up for the card & it has been great. i am in my local gamestop at least once a month and have never been badgered about anything….even when i signed up for the card. (although, some of the fanboys can be a bit annoying at times, but that goes for any game store or the gaming section at Best Buy or Walmart for that matter.) why would i NOT want more for my trade-ins which i am already trading in anyway? why would i NOT want 10% off a game which i am already going to buy anyway? why would i NOT want to earn points on the crap i’m already going to return anyway? why would i NOT want a, basically free, game informer subscription? to me, it seems idiotic to NOT have the card if you plan on buying or trading in your games at gamestop on a regular basis. my card paid for itself in my 1st visit…enough said.

  9. All I have to say is that the local gamestop that I go to (my town for whatever reason has five) the employee’s couldn’t be more knowledgeable or kind. Their’s even this one girl who works their who always seems to get a conversation out of me and the sales guy always knows interesting things about games. When they asked me to upgrade my card you bet I did it and the only thing that I have reaped from the deal is the rewards! in the 4 months since I got the card I’ve gotten several rewards all together totalling about 30 dollars plus I’ve probably saved around 25 from used games that i’ve bought with my cards discount. all I can say is that this was a fantastic new system that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

  10. I’m a frequent customer of Gamestop and I completely disagree with this. Not only do I not feel forced into signing up for the rewards program, but I LOVE this program! I get discounts, bonus on my trade-ins, points to spend (and yes, the things you can purchase are actually pretty cool – I think). Why wouldn’t a rewards program be a good idea if I’m just going to be spending that much money at Gamestop anyway? I’m a gamer and I spend a lot of time and money on my hobby. I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved using my Gamestop card and I have a couple of different really cool items from the power up points rewards. I know my local Gamestop’s employees by name and they know me, I feel very welcome there and I truly enjoy the rewards program.

  11. I’m in agreement with nearly all commenters. The program pays for itself very quickly. I spend less money, and the company learns how to better cater to the needs of its customers.

  12. With the exception of 2 particular locations in my state (CT) that are in REALLY ghetto areas, all the Game Stops here are pure AWESOME! I have nothing but appreciation for the stores and the staff. The rewards ordeal is awesome just off the fact I enjoy having physical non digital magazines. So for the subscription alone it pays for itself. I’m 28 years old and average 30+hours a week gaming. With that said, I rely on the GS’s to supply me what I need. Every once in awhile I may cheat and roll with Toys R Us’s Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on some new releases, and guess what they have a rewards to. Either way I buy stuff, and I feel appreciated by the company the fact I get a cool $50 gift card every couple months. I collect games so the trading aspect doesnt affect me.

    +1 for GS and their program, Haters gon’ Hate!

  13. I am a GameStop customer and while I agree the associates can sometimes be…overly helpful…it is there job to find out your preferences and suggest titles. Otherwise the question pertaining to whether or not they actually did this wouldn’t appear on the survey. However, the worst this ever does it take a little extra time, and in fact a lot of the time the guys have good suggestions. The rewards card, in my opinion, is actually worthwhile as another reader stated, because you are going to spend the money anyways and in this case you actually get something else. For instance I got a blu-ray remote for my ps3 6 months ago for free because of the card points. That saved me $25, so not too bad. Could GameStop make some improvements as a company? Sure, they could, but what company can’t say the same thing. Anyone who owns a credit card knows a key benefit is either the rewards or the cash-back. Why not take advantage just because you may get a little more junk mail? That’s why we have self control…don’t buy what you don’t want and recycle the mailer. Honestly, between your trash can and the national do-not-call list, advertisements aren’t that intrusive these days.

  14. I worked for GameStop for nearly two years, and I can tell you that I agree with the author. GameStop employees are forced to get “numbers” (GameInformer subscriptions and game reservations) in order to keep their job. If they don’t meet these numbers, they get written up and eventually get fired. It sounds like an easy solution: just “pitch the wonderful product that everyone should love and everyone will benefit from.” That would work fine if you work in a busy GameStop; however, working at a moderately busy or a slower GameStop forces you to completely rethink your strategy.

    Consider that about 80% of your customers are loyal, and they return frequently. Also consider you live in a moderately poor area. The majority of customers come in and dig through the used PS2 bin, garnering a transaction of three games totaling around $12. How are you supposed to encourage them to sign up for a magazine when it costs more than the entirety of their transaction? Even if you knock a couple dollars off because of saving on used games, they will still be uninterested because they likely don’t own anything newer than a PS2. For this reason, they will also be uninterested in reserving any new games. You can blame them for being cheap or living in the past, but that’s not the fault of the employee. Unfortunately, the employee gets penalized for it.

    This sales environment forced some employees to lie about games being in stock, lie about the magazine, and lie about just about everything in order to secure a number. If upper management (many if not all of which have never worked a day as a game adviser, so would have no idea of the daily pressures or struggles) wasn’t constantly breathing down the necks of the employees, threatening to fire them on a weekly basis, they would not have to resort to shady methods such as these. But believe me when I tell I witnessed this quite frequently in the store I worked at.

    The truth is, you cannot blanket a numbers requirement on every employee, give them almost no hours (leading to very few transactions), and expect them to perform expediently. Even with the new card, there will still be people who have no interest. These decisions are being made with nothing but financial goals in mind, and they look the other way when it comes to ethics or methodology. This company, while the best in the business, has its inherent flaws. I have since moved on from there, but I will never forget the fear of termination, the constant daily pressures from upper management, and the unethical treatment of customers I witnessed every single shift I worked.

  15. I agree with the author. My friend used to work for EB and GAMESTOP. These tactics are more common than people would like to believe. On a personal note, I have been harassed for 12 minutes in an attempt to have them sign me up for a $14 a year power card. Personally, I shop at best buy because they match any local shop and they have way better service – not to mention that game stop’s prices for used games are almost like the new sealed in box.

  16. Well,

    I love the rewards program and never felt pressured to get the PRO (I did so because our local GS manager asked and she’s very nice. She said she honestly thought it would save us money). We just got a free HDMI cable so I say it’s well worth it.

  17. These cards are awesome. I went to gamestop awhile ago and apparently got upgraded to the pro powerup card for free…I’ve never been harassed by gamestop employees…though some can be elitist pc gamer dicks. I used to HATE gamestop for their low trade value and crappiness…but its the only place (in Austin) to get new games (obviously discounting retail stores). Yesterday I went in to the store and traded killzone 3, gta 4, and cod 4 and got $78 worth of trade in credit…which I put towards Portal 2 (completely paid off) and Arkham City. I consider that a good deal. The pro membership gave me an extra 10% on the stuff I traded I got a bunch of points for the poweruprewards site. Also, the dudes at my gamestop are amazing with helping me save money and getting what I want. I have been happily swayed to the side of gamestop…and these cards helped.

  18. Sage has it right about the internal expectations. Arbitrary goals are set for employees and the managers are instructed to write up people that don’t meet them regardless of the flow of traffic into the store. Gamestop doesn’t treat their employees well at all.

    That being said, the card actually is a really good idea for someone who buys used games.

  19. I hit gamestop semi-frequently for the new hot games, and to just check on the new peripherals that are available. On my trip to get Red Dead Redemption I snagged the normal card, and not long after I picked up the Pro because I would save $10 and the upgrade was nearly paid for.

    Since that time, I’ve already scored an additional $95 on trade-ins, and have saved loads of cash on used. I have to say this card is completely worth every penny I spent on it.

    Also just to throw it out for people knocking the “Used” games. All their used games are scratch-free, and they come with a money-back guarantee. It’s cheaper to buy used, even if it’s only $5, but the money-back guarantee makes it worth not getting it new. It’s not like the guy before you slashed the disk or ruined the game somehow, and you get an additional $4-6 off cost with the card, along with the return policy.

    Win-win. These cards are not for everyone. From location to location, different people will do different things that harm the Gamestop image, but overall, I think these cards are a great investment for even the casual gamer.

  20. First all all….if you are a regular customer of gamestop you’d be an idiot NOT to have the card. I’ve saved endless amounts of money on games and it never hurts to get 5 dollars off of newly released games. Sure if you shop there only on the holidays or someones birthday it may not be worth it, but that gives this author no right to bash the entire program.

  21. gamestop is a great store that i have always loved. but your better off getting your new games from where ever has a better pre order bonus. and half the time your better off getting it from walmart or bestbuy, amazon, cuz you usually get a 20$ gift card……i would have to buys like 4 brand new games to get twenty dollars worth of shit threw gamestop. your best bet is always to shop around. i have 5,500 powerup reward points but the sight never works to even look at the catalog, hmmmm scam. plus it took me like 500 bucks to get them points. should have just went threw walmart online and got a shit load of giftcards.

  22. “While digital downloads will probably never replace the retail giant, ”

    Ask Blockbuster about that.

  23. @Phoenix
    “Also just to throw it out for people knocking the “Used” games. All their used games are scratch-free, and they come with a money-back guarantee. It’s cheaper to buy used, even if it’s only $5, but the money-back guarantee makes it worth not getting it new. ”

    Sure, all of this is true, and you even manage to continue on and suggest its a win-win for everybody. That, however, isn’t true. The one party that loses in this transaction are the people who actually make these games. Not a single penny from a used sale goes to the developer.

    Just as Mr. Steinberg mentioned, this is a successful business, but I don’t think that means it has to be fair. I choose to buy new, always, because I prefer to see those who make these products rewarded. Saving $5 sure is a fine prospect, but as a savvy consumer I’m trying to send a message to the developer by voting with my wallet. Helping to influence the potential for a sequel or continuation of a beloved studio is worth more to me than $5.

  24. I now dis plaece

    I has been here. we now what they do. It is good. all of us now what they do. there doing it well. btw please make portal 2 cheaper?


  25. the person that wrote this is retarded.i buy from gamestop only no harrassment in none of them.i go there so much the employees know my name.i just walk in and they say hey aaron plus i play xbox live with one of the employees.i buy 2 games almost every week games keep me outta trouble.but they don’t harrass people into buying or geting a free one.but in the long run it helps you save a little bit on money. I Love Gamestop.

  26. Gamestop is epic and the people there are nice so stfu author.

  27. The person who made this article is way off. First of all, they don’t harrass me about the card at all at my local GameStop. The PowerUp Rewards Card is actually a nice program because normally if you trade in 3 games, you would only get $7-$15. With the PowerUp Card, I got bonus credit added to the 3 games making the trade-in value $20! I do have to admit, you do have to buy an amount of games and things to get Reward Points, but I don’t mind. The points will add up in the end! You can even participate in contests and events they send to you via e-mail and on the site and they’re pretty cool. You can even get a phone call from Joey Logano (but it’s 60,000 points! Aaargh!)! Overall, I agree with the comments and say this is a pretty good program.

  28. gamerchick229

    I personally work at GameStop, and knowing how it works, I have a few points to make. First of all, the author is correct that we have to make a certain amount of numbers each day, and if we don’t, then that makes us seem like bad employees. Being a Game Advisor who doesn’t get barely any hours there, and works maybe once or twice a week, I get slammed pretty hard. I don’t get many people to subscribe for the power up rewards card, not only because of this, but because I also don’t want to harass them. Unfortunately, our personal store is under heavy fire to make amazing numbers, so many of my coworkers do harass the customer to subscribe. BUT I do think that the card is very worth the time to sign up (maybe a few minutes, if that) and the money, even if you only come in maybe 10 times in a year. I always renew my card because it is definitely something I benefit from.

  29. I also work for a Gamestop and some of us HAVE to push the stupid card on customers.

    A little background info. I work at Gamestop and have for almost 5 years now. Since I started working there the store has improved in sales and shrink (lost/defective product). As a store our numbers for reserves are middle of the road. We make a good profit for the company, but when it comes to Power Up Rewards we do pretty badly. Some weeks we hit goals, but for the most part we don’t. Mainly because I don’t see the need to badger a customer into buying it. I mention it, but if they don’t want it I won’t shove it down their throat.

    Up until recently this was ok because we generally hit and exceed our goals for reservations. I do pretty well in this area as it only requires to get gamers hyped for good games. This is not hard being a gamer myself. The problem is that this is no longer ok. My store manager was recently written up for not hitting Power UP goals regularly (only the paid subs count mind you, not the free). The other day she got a call from our DM telling her she will no longer be working for the company if things don’t improve in this area. I am also to be written up. I feel fairly confident that if they don’t improve I’ll be the next out the door. After all I am the assistant manager.

    All that being said, not everything about working for Gamestop is terrible. Aside from hitting the constantly increasing Power Up goals it’s a really easy job. I just wish they wouldn’t be thrusting my well being into jeopardy because my customers aren’t interested in the program (even though most of our regulars are signed up already because they do see the benefits).

    If they do get rid of me (and it will be there loss, my average customer experience rating is damn near 100% and I average at about 20% reserves regularly) I will no longer be doing any business with the company. I’ll be happy to take my reserves and purchases to the local independent game store or Amazon.

  30. hey i just got this card and it has paid for itself already so you whining little turds shut up. it is a great value and i love my game informer. and i have a few questions about gamestop if one of you employees could help it would be greatly apprieciated. my email is if you would want to help me out a bit thanks

  31. @Sage Dude, you are just bad at your (former) job. I work in one the slowest stores in our entire company. My area is of an extrememly low income level. To cap it off, less than 30% of my customers have access to high speed internet.

    And you know what? It’s one of the top-performing stores in the company. The products speak for themselves. All it takes is a staff that doesn’t think of their customers as potential “numbers”. Customers are the best part of my day, and it’s all about connecting with people and establishing that desire for people to come back. You don’t have to force things onto people or badger people. You just have to take care of people. In return, they take care of you. Time in and time out. I’ve worked at a store that sees 200 people per day… and now I have been in a store than sees 15 people per day. Formula stays the same, and we are all the better for not having your attitude bring down those of us who look at our customers (casual and regular alike) as our patrons rather than our obligations.

    With that being said, PUR to me from a customer standpoint is great. I shopped at GS for years before I began working there, and my More/Edge card saved me a ton throughout. Additionally, once Game Informer’s 2010 makeover happened, I think it’s easily the best video game magazine in the industry. Maybe not from a “score” standpoint when it comes to reviews… but purely for information. My area was in the test market for this program well before it went national, and I was impressed from the start. We’re approaching our one-year anniversary now, and I have redeemed over $100 in gift cards from the program, as well as gotten 2 separate $54.99 games for free. To be fair, I do buy more than the average consumer; however, we have many customers who buy a lot more than I do. I have easily gotten my money’s worth… twentyfold.

    It’s not for everybody, sure. And if it isn’t for you, don’t enroll. If you have a problem with the way your local store “badgers” you about it–a tactic I despise–then simply don’t return. They don’t deserve your business if you don’t enjoy the experience. But for a LOT of people (program has over 10million now), this service provides a solid value to them and helps us out in many different aspects in the process.

    The author is sadly mistaken in many ways, and I do have a genuine pity for her when it comes to her “understanding of the world and general cynicism on life in general. Go buy a puppy or something, Nadia. Or maybe listen to some of those suggestions we GameStop demons make to you, so you stop wasting your money on copies of Rogue Warrior and Conflict: Denied Ops because the “front looks cool”.

  32. @Sage Dude, you are just bad at your (former) job. I work in one the slowest stores in our entire company. My area is of an extrememly low income level. To cap it off, less than 30% of my customers have access to high speed internet.

    And you know what? It’s one of the top-performing stores in the company. The products speak for themselves. All it takes is a staff that doesn’t think of their customers as potential “numbers”. Customers are the best part of my day, and it’s all about connecting with people and establishing that desire for people to come back. You don’t have to force things onto people or badger people. You just have to take care of people. In return, they take care of you. Time in and time out. I’ve worked at a store that sees 200 people per day… and now I have been in a store than sees 15 people per day. Formula stays the same, and we are all the better for not having your attitude bring down those of us who look at our customers (casual and regular alike) as our patrons rather than our obligations.

    With that being said, PUR to me from a customer standpoint is great. I shopped at GS for years before I began working there, and my More/Edge card saved me a ton throughout. Additionally, once Game Informer’s 2010 makeover happened, I think it’s easily the best video game magazine in the industry. Maybe not from a “score” standpoint when it comes to reviews… but purely for information. My area was in the test market for this program well before it went national, and I was impressed from the start. We’re approaching our one-year anniversary now, and I have redeemed over $100 in gift cards from the program, as well as gotten 2 separate $54.99 games for free. To be fair, I do buy more than the average consumer; however, we have many customers who buy a lot more than I do. I have easily gotten my money’s worth… twentyfold.

    It’s not for everybody, sure. And if it isn’t for you, don’t enroll. If you have a problem with the way your local store “badgers” you about it–a tactic I despise–then simply don’t return. They don’t deserve your business if you don’t enjoy the experience. But for a LOT of people (program has over 10million now), this service provides a solid value to them and helps us out in many different aspects in the process.

    The author is sadly mistaken in many ways, and I do have a genuine pity for her when it comes to her “understanding of the world and general cynicism on life in general. Go buy a puppy or something, Nadia. Or maybe listen to some of those suggestions we GameStop demons make to you, so you stop wasting your money on copies of Rogue Warrior and Conflict: Denied Ops because the “front looks cool”.

  33. I agree with most of these comments the people who work for the gamestop I frequently visit are nice guys and one girl. I got the pro card because I already have a subscription to gameinormer and why wouldn’t you sign up for a card it’s free. If you shop at a store a lot why wouldn’t you take advantage. And the rewards are nice I wouldn’t buy or trade in games just to receive points but it is nice when you log in and see that you can get stuff for free I got a nice triforce belt buckle and didn’t even have to pay for shipping or handling. The author makes it seem like that retail stores who have these offers are harassing us to sign up usually if I tell them no they leave it at that. I work for a chain convience store and they pressure us to sell certain items every month but they won’t fire us if we don’t make some quota. They usually just get after us if we don’t at least mention it but we can’t force them to buy it, it’s usually just gum or candy so people will buy it anyways . I got a call from a telemarketer just yesterday trying to sell magazines I think we have all been there it was probably a scam but when I let the guy continue talking for hat seemed like forever and said I wasn’t interested he started harassing me and accused me of wasting his time for letting not saying I wasn’t interested to begin with. Point is gamestop does none of these things and when I see someone say no to the card or subscription the some employees might try to convince you but their not rude and a second no usually leaves it at that. And if you shop at a certain store a lot why wouldn’t you take advantage.

  34. I agree and disagree some employees might get harassed for not getting people to sign up for these numbers never seen it happen at gamestop but I’m sure t slow stores it probably happens but all you can do is make the pitch. Only the pro card cost money but it comes with a subscription and I have a subscription already so the card was free and game informers great anyways so most people I know want the subscription. I agree tha employees who work in stores in poor communities or that are slow shouldn’t be harassed when they can’t come up with whatever their quota is they should make the pitch but after the customer declines it’s wrong on the company to harass the employees. In a busy store like the one I go to I can see having certain expectations from your employees but they shouldn’t fire them over it

  35. I don’t know why an article is writing about this being bad. When I returned my games I got over 300 dollars for them then i bought the rewards card and it paid for itself plus gave me more money.

  36. This author has no basis for her claim that the Rewards program is not worth the time or effort. Let me re-write this article and let’s see what readers think.


    GameStop has intruduced a new Rewards Program to help entice consumers to buy more, and save more, all while having the ability to earn points that can be cashed in for merchandise and digital content. Of course, the biggest question about this new program would be “Is it worth it?”

    Well, considering it’s a free membership, the short answer is: Yes.

    In this day and age, free is free is free. GameStop also offers a paid version of the card, called Rewards Pro, that increases the points earning potential, has additional incentive coupons, increases the pertange of trade-in dollars, and subscribes the customer to the Game Informer magazine. The price is also rather low, at only $15 a year.

    So, will you, a gamer, enroll in a free rewards plan and help get a little something back for the money you invest in gaming? Of course you will, because it would be foolish not to.

    ::This article was submitted by JohnBoy.
    It is not related to GameStop or their parent, affliate, or subsidiary companies.
    It is not related to the author of the abvoe article, though they shoul do better investigative journalism.
    Thanks for reading!::

  37. Cool story bro:

    I walked in a few months ago with two games and the kid said it would be 20 even…nahhh I’ll hold on to them. So I walked in gamestop a few days ago, three games in one hand, regular power up card in the other. With my luck they was doing a 50% trade in. Asked the guy how much in store credit, all came toa nice amount..Guy said “whoaaa u got a sweet deal would u like to upgrade your card to pro no money from your pockets.” did he have to ask? hell yea upgrade me. I ended up saving even more money. And, with more luck I had money on my regular card. Before when I had the regular card I’d trade and buy, rack up points which allowed me to get a free HDMI cord which runs about 30 in pocket money.

    Card is a wonderful idea. I like getting emails from gamestop when their doing a % trade in.

  38. This author is nitpicking. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this “Dragonfly81” is either A) A disgruntled employee or B) an imposter.

    I routinely use Gamefly for all of my gaming needs. I use them at least twice a month, spending about $300 – $500 a month on games, or gaming equipment. I use one Gamestop exclusively. This is for a few reasons, some more important than others. #1 The entire store from management down to the cashier is the most friendly and helpful employees I have ever seen. #2 The entire store employee base knows me by name and that helps me in the long run in deals that others may not get (like getting an extra 10% off every now and then for being a loyal customer). #3 I can earn points and rewards for my money spent and even better… I get a 10% discount on all pre-owned games (remember I spend $300+ on preowned games a month) and when I do decide to trade something in (on rare occasions), I get another 10% added. This card is nothing but good. Yes it costs me $10 a year, but I get that back in a half of month’s worth of purchases. My local gamestop has never, not once ever, badgered me with anything. They are easily the most friendly and helpful employees of any store I frequent.

    As for wanting consumer info… well, if you notice when you typed in your comment, it requires your e-mail. So gamestop isnt the only one wanting your information!

  39. Obviously… The author has no clue what he/she/it is talking about. That is a load of bologna. Seriously, the guys were I shop at are like “Wazzup!” when I come in. They didn’t harass me into buying the Rewards card. One of them was like, “Hey, there was a new reward card system going around.” and he told me about the benefits of it and I was convinced. The PowerUp Rewards program is very helpful. Sadly, I can’t find my card anywhere, and I don’t know how I can get a new one…

  40. Ummm, seriously? Gamestop can do whatever they want…only real gaming store their is. beside pan shops and local businesses. Gamestop does harass i been to one game stop like 5 different times…. they asked me for it every time even though i told them before. they buy things for way to low and sell extremely high. honestly a week ago i went and bought codwaw again at wal-mart for 20 bucks brand new…game stop used 29.99. wtf right? Gamestop is greedy lil pigs. i asked them if i would buy the xbox slim 4gb for 179.00 used, and come back to sell it so i can get the gears of war xbox….he didnt say the price then… did say that it would resell at 85….maybe less. Really does seem like a fair deal to me. The only reason i go back is cause its really the only game store their is besides eb games and they’re just about extinct. Their new games our reasonable at times….bout dragon age origins ultimate editon for 29.99 new…..they had origins for 25 used and awakening for 26 used……..???? Didn’t understand that all.

    i have a powerup card….doesnt really save money if u think about it….buy USED game 10%. 50 bucks 1 game.. 5 bucks. only works with used games….. 1/10th of a dollar spent. just imagine ive had 10k+ points….. ive traded/sold.. about 30-40 games to them. not counting when i did trade. 1000 bucks….and all i could buy is a key chain or a dollar off……….

  41. I’ve been going to the same Gamestop for almost 7 years, and it has never been anything less than satisfactory. The employees know me, always helpful, and never a nuisance. Just the other day, I went to pick up a reservation, traded in some games, used my Pro card, walked out with my reservation, plus an extra game.

    Thanks to Gamestop’s constant promotions and awesome customer service, reservation was $80 game. Trades plus Pro card brought it down to $18. Employee knowledge of promotions added a game to my purchase, bringing the total down to $15, leaving me with enough to make the reservation I was hoping to get.

    So is the card worth it, absolutely. And btw, Gamestop is not the only business that does this. I’ve worked retail, my family has worked retail. Many businesses have rewards that they want pushed on their customers, and Gamestop’s by far is the best one I’ve run across.

  42. game informer alone is worth 15 bucks a year.

  43. how come every gamestop empleyee’s username has tyhe word “Dragon” in it hahaha

  44. Flyboy80498, i guess you are right, but then again, i suppose the card really only becomes a good deal when someone is buying games as frequently as you seem to. for the average gamer/customer, it’s probably not really worth getting.

  45. The card in my opinion is very helpful and can save you alot of money. If you do pay for the pro membership (as I am right now) you will get your money back in no more than a few visits.

    Although, the part with harassing to sign up for it is really true for this one gamestop I went to. It was back in a mall in LA and I was going to simply buy a microsoft points card for my friend. I couldn’t find it so I asked one of the employees organizing the games. All he would do for the rest of my time there is annoy me. ‘Do you want to sign up?’ and ‘You get this, and this, and this if you sign up.’ I think I would’ve got the idea the first time.

  46. Power up rewards is stupid, Its been out for a while and i do have one.
    you need to spend like 100000000 to get like 10 points when you do get enough points to get something everything is useless and lame like save 5 dollars on your next PREOWNEd game ?? wtf ? what is that nowadays tax ?? not to mention they jack up the prices on purpose just so you think your getting a steal only your not ( Also I work there so i know.) anyways dont buy into the gamestop rewards crap .. well the free one yes you have nothing to lose with the free one sure but dont BUY the pro it isnt worth it.

  47. Giselle i really dont think you work for GS. With that said shut the hell up idiot. i paid what 15 bucks for pro membership and at the time i was buying a used ps3 so by getting the membership at the same time gave me a 10% discount which due to the dollar amount of my purchase paid for my card so it was free oh not to mention 12 copies of informer which i used to buy. Jack up prices on us?? How? new items are priced exactly the same as best buy and walmart. The only thing they are guilty of is low balling us on trade in credit or cash. But who cares we dont have to give them our game for trade everyone knows if you sell on craigslist you will get more money out of it. but lets face it people are lazy. posting an ad on craigslist or a listing on ebay is not hard you just have to wait for the payout and people dont want to wait they want everything now thats the problem. so because people are lazy and not willing to wait for the results they agree the price GS offers you for a used game is fair. Personaly i know they have some good prices why i just picked up mw2 for 14 bucks i saw someone on craigslist asking 25.00 for the same game. And lets see the points that you have to spend what was it 100000000 to get like 10 points?? AGAIN your an idiot! its more like 10 points on the dollar for new items and 20 points per dollar spent on used games. Yeah it takes a good amount of points to redeem stuff off the site and most of the stuff would be really cheap if you just all out paid cash for it. But on money your already going to spend on games your getting points and those points get you free crap. I have already recieved a free black ops poster which i gave to my sisters kid along with black ops dog tags. i also got some dlc for my playstation home, 5 dollars off a 15 dollar cod map pack oh and i still have 5,510 points left on my card. The poster by its self almost pays for the membership by itself.

  48. I am sure it has been said before but i just dont want to read every single post. Gamestop for many is like a small family, a close group of friends even. by all means i dont hang out there everyday or evan stop in more than once a week. I dont know every co worker by name but when i buy a game its always from there unless i have to special order it due to its availability.
    Why? im sure it has to do with the fact that when im in there they arent trying to sell me anything. who reading this has ever heard a GameStop worker say a certain game wast any good or that they wouldnt recomend it? I have had that conversation a few times with a few GS workers….you know what that is? Honesty, someone who cares about games as much as i do. Go to bestbuy or walmart target or shopko unless there is a 18 year old kid working the electronics center you cant ask questions they just dont know anything. Im 30 years old im a technician for Dish Network and this is me telling YOU to shut up! If you dont like it dont buy it. If its worth more to you then dont sell it ……. stop complaining

  49. GIselle- you’re an idiot, you obviously don’t work for Gamestop, shut up.

    Everyone else- the gamestop rewards program, for someone who buys even three moderately new games a year, will pay for itself. It won’t for that person who comes in solely to buy the cheapest PS2 game they can find.

    Gamestop does not intentionally jack up prices. New games are the same price everywhere when tehy first come out. WHy would a new used game be less than $50, when the new game costs 60? And, with the rewards card, that would be saving $15 off the cost of the new game, plus you get a better guarantee. I don’t understand what’s bad about that. If you want the game for less you probably can’t afford to be playing new games anyway, suck it up and get a better job.

    Whether the employees of gamestop are mistreated or not is not really what this article calls into question, though I see it has become the main topic of discussion. Believe it or not, most gamestop employees love their jobs. Why? The pay is shit, the discount is shit, and there is nothing free, including power up cards. It sounds like a shitty deal, but some people love playing video games, being around video games, and getting paid to talk about video games. Okay, let me not say most because I’m sure I’ll get attacked, but every gamestop employee I’ve ever met, both working for the company and not, wouldn’t do the job if they didn’t love it.

    The card is not trying to steal anyone’s personal information. It is trying to create a loyal customer base that in return helps out the customers. So you think your personal information is so secure otherwise? I have to give my email address to comment on this post! All gamestop wants is a name, phone number, and email address. You want printed issues of the magazine? Then you need an address. If you think that’s theft of personal information, you give out more information when you sign up for blockbuster memberships, or costco memberships, and certainly more to any sort of credit card. I bet I could pull up all that information about the author in a google search, and trust me, gamestop didn’t put that information out there.

    And just one more comment. There are a lot of people saying “I’ve been to gamestop like twice and refused the card both times! How do they not realize I don’t want it?”
    …Do we see the problem with that statement? Do you think we take pictures of every customer who refuses the card and put them in a little album so we know not to ask them next time? On the average day my store does $3000 of business. I assume its even more in larger cities. You think I can remember one customer who came in on two very spread out times and has said no to the card? Usually the customers who talk to you and come in frequently and stick in your memory are willing to listen to a fifteen second pitch and not flip out about pushy employees on an anonymous forum like this one.

  50. Hello, my fellow commentors. Please read this before you comment:
    Firstly, PowerUp seems like a good deal on the surface, right? It’s free, you get a bit of cash for buying games, everything’s cool, sign me up? Well, while that may seem like a good deal in the short run, in the long run it will seriously hurt all gamers. Allow me to explain. Gamestop has a habit of selling used games at a cheaper price than newer ones. However, for every used game they sell, a bit of money comes out of the developer’s pocket. “So what does this have to do with PUR?” you may ask. Well, it’s the same thing. When you get a discount on a game, the money taken off the game has to come from somewhere, right? You guessed it, it’s the developer(s). Eventually, this lost cash will start to add up, and developers will have make changes, e.g. cutbacks and layoffs. This may seem like a bit of a stretch to some, but trust me, after a while, it’ll all come right back to slap you in the face. At any rate, as a gamer, isn’t it more respectful to the developer to thank them for a great game by giving them the price they ask for? Just my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for reading!

  51. I have sworn off Gamestop as a result of this program. The last time I shopped there I quite literally got the disappointed sigh from one of the employees, who continued to lecture me like I was the dumbest person in the world for not upgrading my account. I gave him terrible marks on the customer survey, and I have NEVER done that. Even with bad service at a restaurant I will tip properly, because I know waitresses go through a lot of stuff and I feel bad for them. But not for this particular cashier. He made me feel like crap.

    That said, I ALWAYS try to get the female cashier at my local gamestop. She is less aggressive than the males when it comes to pushing this crap, and I have CONSIDERED getting the account upgrade to give her the commission because she isn’t obnoxious about it, and never treats me badly if I refuse.

  52. I am a Gamestop employee currently and whether the program is worth it or not none of it is worth treating customers like walking consumer surveys and loosing respect from them by aggressively harassing over and over. Some stores might be lucky enough to not have to behave this way but my store, my district manager and my region manager in particular are taking it to a whole other threatening level. We are now being forced to show particular “behaviors”, mind you without any type of pay raise or incentive; not that that should make it any better, these behaviors include: keeping many of these Power Up cards in our pockets as we walk around the store and ask each customer if they’ve been signed up yet, asking each customer at the register more than 3 times after finally giving up and loosing a possible return customer and getting a guaranteed bad survey, meanwhile there is a line of more unhappy customers building up. On top of all that we’re still expected to ask about game reservations, listing specific titles to everyone, whether they want a gameplay guarantee on their discs or insurance for their systems.

    This may all just seem like typical complaining from a retail associate, but I don’t actually mind doing my job, which is basically being a cashier at a video game store, or should be that simple, but unfortunately that’s not the case. What makes me hate it all is the fact that I can’t just be a cool game advisor that talks to customers about video games because we all love them, sells customers the things they actually come in for and have them leave happy, but that I have to be an a**hole instead and if I don’t fallow these “behaviors” my hours, my pay that I depend on, is threatened. This is coming from someone that does still get okay sales results, but because I’m not getting 100% or at least more than my other associates I don’t get hours.

    Throughout all of my work experience I have always gotten great customer reviews, I’ve always been told I have a great personality and I’m very friendly by customers and that’s what I love to hear, especially from fellow gamers. Gamestop sells video games, a fun form of entertainment that does really well on it’s own, without subscriptions, and could be such a cool company, but unfortunately they corporate and therefore are not cool at all.

  53. GameStop Starts Selling Android Tablets Bundled With Games

  54. I’ve worked for gamestop for a little over a year now.Let me tell you a little story.I lost all my regulars because we are being pushed to pass off these power up reward cards.My numbers have always been great until they started writing us up.To me it feels wrong,Like trying to sell crack to a kid. When my manger asked me what was going on I told him,I’m not doing this anymore he asked why your doing great he said,because I feel like a drug dealer trying to get someone hooked.he didn’t like this comment one bit,so he called the dm.In other words I got busted down from senior game advisor working 30 hours a week to a ga working 6 hours so you tell me does gamestop sound like a wonderful place.This is how they treat their employes people plain and simple.I was hired to help people with videogames,not to push some card!to hell with game stop

  55. disaster chick is right as well as the many others
    plain and simple if we dont seel powerup cards we get in trouble .if we dont ge reserves we get in trouble. if we dont get good customer serveys we get in trouble. all gamestop cares about is selling theses we have a percentage we need to beat every day and the worst 2 people of the week need to email the district manager and tell him why our numbers are not at company avarage or higher and what we need to do to get better numbers and continued low numbers results in fireing . they only care if you can sell these if you cant ,no hours for you and you dont realy get any hours unless you are a sga or higher anyway you only realy need 4 or 5 people to run the entire store for the week but we hire 15 damm people over the holidays and give everyone 4 hours a week what bs is that give the hours to people who already know what they are doing and need them not to mention minimum wage starting and staying your pay rate but if you are good at seeling this is an ok job i actualy get good numbers i find my self actually giving my cards and reserves to my other employees so they dont get in trouble if a customer wants to get a card or a reserve i tell my employee come over and you get the numbers since i do good by my self O and if you get a cancel on a reserve you better try make them put it to somthing eles . but the customer serveys are bs they dont care what the reason is if you get a bad survey you are in trouble on my surveys a customer said they did not like the trade in value they got for there games how is that my fault the computer tells what to pay out but ofcorse i got in trouble for it somone eles said the store was not in alphbetical order once again my fault so make sure you walk around with the game informer magazine in your back pocket on the sales floor to push it on people and have the power up cards to walk up and down the line with on midnight lanches its like selling popcorn at a baseball game at least at a a baseball game people actually want to buy popcorn

  56. sorry for some miss spelling i type very fast and just hit submit

  57. You can’t blame gamestop for wanting to develop a way to maintain their niche in the marketplace and provide value to their shareholders. Knowing who has what platform, game downloads, and buying habits will allow them to market explicitly to the most key client, the ones who will actually buy. This is just a smart company trying to not go the way of blockbuster or anyone of the many book store chains. Regarding the employees I’ve encountered, most are coherent and not too pushy. For those in this post that are complaining, let me tell you that life is full of quotas and negotiations. Those who navigate these demands in a tactful way will be the most sucessful. And, yes, I signed up.

  58. I used to shop at my local GameCrazy until they went under. I knew everyone there by name, they knew my preferences and made sure to mention anything I would be interested in. I own a chain of gaming lounges, so of course, I spend a healthy amount over the average consumer. I signed up for their paid rewards plan and was disappointed when they abruptly closed conveniently after I had recently renewed my card. Feeling cheated, I trudged over to the local GameStop that I had not frequented in years due to a reservation mishap, expecting the same old sub par service and thousand yard stares from employees. Much to my surprise, I was greeted by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff eager to help. When I explained what had brought me to the store, they asked if I was a member of GameCrazy’s reward card. I stated that I was and they happily offered me a free year of Pro for free if I provided them my old card! I obliged and have absolutely not looked back since. While I do miss the small business feel of GameCrazy, GameStop has been more than accommodating. As to everyone complaining about lowballed trades, high pricing on used games etc. Please realize that they are a business, not UNICEF. There are also people claiming they would rather give the money to the developers. Have you seen new releases lately? With companies like Capcom releasing half of a game at full price, then selling the rest of the game as DLC, just to release a completely revised version of a game that is completely incompatible with older versions, if I can save a few bucks, bet your misguided ass that I will. Also, to the whiny ass employees complaining about actually having to do WORK to keep your job, GROW UP! Your employers are not your parents! If it is required for your job, and you disregard it because you just want to hang out and shoot the shit about games while garnering an hourly wage, you’re an idiot. All in all, I have saved MASSIVE amounts for my businesses, upwards of $10,000 a year, on top of huge savings personally. These are savings on used, even though I order bulk new games through the same distributor as GameStop, sometimes GameStop P & L’s save me more on liquidation to account for devaluation of their inventory. If you don’t have the “time” to be bothered by a simple request that could potentially save you money on a current purchase, or you are to socially inept and awkward to properly convey savings to a customer, you should probably stay indoors at all times anyways.

  59. This article is stupid. Every GameStop I’ve ever been to the employees have been nothing but nice and easy to get along with, not harassing at all. This author is an idiot. I love the rewards card. A year subscription to gameinformer magazine is worth it alone imo, but then you also get discounts on all used games and accessories, not to mention the points you earn you get to trade in for free stuff. This program is great for gamers.

  60. I am a loyal customer to the Game Stop franchise, and the pro card is worth the 11. somthing a year. It allows me to save money which in the long run pays for itself, and on top of that has made my gaming experience cheaper and more enjoyable. The first time i went to a gamestop, the simply asked if i was interested in the card. i said no, and they left me alone. i did some research online and found that it’s worth it even just to get the standard card. All the info they needed for the card was name, birthday, phone number, email, and mailing address. they are not asking how many people in my family or stuff like that. Don’t smash GameStop!!!

  61. Sometimes a group of friends has 1 friend who has the rewards card. they all share the magazines and they all save because 1 has the card. tell upper management about those groups!!!

  62. i love the pro card. they did harass me at all with it. they asked if i wanted one and explained what it would do for me. i understood it all and got one. iv redeemed my points on their website a few times and love the items you can choose from. i traded in 5 games one time towards mw3 and got over $80 worth of in store credit. i used that money to renew my subscription to pro and buy mw3 new and i still have money left over i plan on using today with a few more trade ins to get skyrim.

  63. i agree. i share my mags with everyone. but why did they change the cards. Every time i go into a gamestop they always say “i have never seen that type of card” or “where did you get this card”. The card i have is a holographic silver and crimson red. If employees never seen it before does that mean it is special?

  64. Sooooo, I just signed up to gamestop rewards…and this is the deal. With everything being electronic these days, if your that paranoid about your “personal” information, then lock yourself in your house, and only ever send someone else out to buy things for you (with cash because credit cards are traceable). All, and I mean all, of the information that they have you fill out is public information…even the gaming consoles you own, and what games you have (if you paid for them with credit). You can keep up your illusion of privacy if you want…but in a completely non-paranoid way, you can rest assured that someone who you haven’t “authorized” access to your personal info has your personal info………soooo why not benefit from a program that rewards you on the purchases you are going to make anyway; rather than say “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT….THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO ASK ME IF I LIKE FINAL FANTSY. HOW DARE THEY ASK ME IF I LIKE A GAME I JUST BOUGHT. THAT’S PERSONAL INFO DAMN IT”. Try being more transparent in life in general…the only reason you have to hide anything is that you are embarrassed of it, or it is something that would damage your reputation if it got out…….so one try not engage in reputation damaging activities, and two, stop apologizing for things that you enjoy doing and/or love.

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