The State of Modern Music Games

The State of Modern Music Games

It’s no secret that sales of music video games hardware have been on the decline for several years (although industry executives claim that sales of software and digital song downloads are actually on the rise). Naturally, this presents a challenge for the makers of popular franchises like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, even as presents opportunities for a wave of newcomers from Def Jam Rapstar to Linkin Park Revenge. Rather than stick with the previous excuse for annual upgrades – new songs and play modes – which didn’t work out, they’re instead wisely turning to a number of new feature- and technology-based innovations in hopes of turning the beat around.

A recent clip of ours for CNN, Why New Music Games Rock, outlines several of these new attempts, which range from social networking elements to fantasy-themed quest options and gameplay that more closely resembles strumming along on real-world instruments. In the clip, we take a closer look at how new advancements such as motion controls, cloud computing and digital distribution are being tapped to help buoy this holiday season’s offerings, and hopefully get the category’s sales back on-track. While we personally think that many titles will struggle to make a name for themselves given the sheer number of titles released in recent years and how well even last season’s top favorites still hold up thanks to downloadable content (DLC) add-ons, there may soon be cause to sing a happier tune yet.

Fingers crossed: Here’s hoping these new music gaming titles can still keep the torch (OK, Zippo lighter) burning yet.

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