Motion Controls: A Bad Move for Gaming?

Motion Controls: A Bad Move for Gaming?

With Sony’s PlayStation Move now on sale and Microsoft’s Kinect coming soon, we recently connected with CNN to take a look at whether or not motion controls were the future – or even a wise move – for video games. You can see the results in recent story Will Motion Controls Reinvent Gaming?, which brings up a few worrying questions, at least from our perspective. Check out the list of a few key troubling issues below, and see just how many more you can come up with on your own. Which isn’t to say that we’re opposed to the idea of motion controls, or that either system won’t work well and potentially revolutionize the games industry – just that we’re skeptical when it comes to this holiday season’s offerings, and their impact in the immediate:

  • Given the high price tag on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, plus the cost of associated motion control hardware, how many people will really buy in?
  • With software selections mostly limited to casual games (and basic ones at that), will mass market audiences be put off by the cost, while hardcore gamers are alienated by the lack of killer apps or compelling titles?
  • Just how excited will people be about a bunch of games that essentially are just early prototypes for what these motion control systems are capable of achieving?
  • Do developers even know how to best utilize these new motion systems and control methods?
  • Is public interest in motion controls cooling following a downturn in sales of the Wii and associated software?
  • Who’s to say active, or motion-based gaming, is superior, given the need for exhausting physical gestures in place of a simple button press?
  • Are game makers really interested in supporting yet another development platform, let alone one – e.g. 3D motion – that’s such a fundamentally different art from traditional 2D game design?
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  1. I’d like to see how much of the sales slump is due to unavailable hardware. I’ve been looking for a Wii Rock Band Beatles kit for almost a year and can’t find a single one.

    On the other hand, motion-controlled games are better suited to social experiences. Think party mode, not “I’ve got to beat this game mode” and you might sell more units.

    Granted, my observations are derived from personal experience, so actuel sales might not reflect my perceptions.

  2. How about older games trying to jump around and dodge etc. We like sitting in the recliner and pushing buttons. I know I am not alone. I won’t buy one…I do have an XBox 360 that I like very much though.

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