Game Theory with Scott Steinberg: Episode 2

Despite assurances to the contrary, as revenues continue to flatline and studios disintegrate, game industry leaders are grudgingly being forced to accept reality: Nothing has changed. Besieged on all fronts by shifting player habits, growing economic issues and the rise of digital downloads, games for social networks and free-to-play online outings, insiders are becoming increasingly desperate to reinvent themselves. Forget what you see in the headlines. In the second of our multi-part series on gaming’s reinvention, the field’s biggest names let down their guard to reveal the magnitude of the changes rocking the business, and what it takes to survive. But the question remains: Can developers and publishers evolve in time?

About Scott Steinberg
Scott Steinberg is CEO of strategic consulting and product testing firm TechSavvy Global, and a noted keynote speaker and business expert. Hailed as a top tech expert and parenting guru by critics from USA Today to NPR, he’s also an on-air analyst for ABC, CBS and CNN.

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