The Holy Grail of Social Games

The Holy Grail of Social Games

Think titles like FarmVille, Pet Society and Happy Aquarium represent the Holy Grail of social network games? Guess again, says USA Today, which claims that the a game with the ability to seamlessly travel across devices from online social networks like Facebook and MySpace to your iPhone, iPad, television or smartphone is actually what so many companies are seeking.

As we point out in the piece (Wanted: 1 Social Game That’s Fun on iPhone, Facebook, TV), persistent gaming experiences are tough to achieve across platforms, however. Beyond base technical constraints – Madden NFL on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will naturally play and look better than a spin-off for social networks, lesser-powered portable consoles or cellular handsets – there’s also the question of user interface and overall design.

The most successful games play to the unique strengths and control methods of their respective platforms, meaning that while characters, quests and achievements may carry across different versions of a title and gadgets, they won’t all deliver the same gameplay experience. Still, as others in the feature point out, there’s no reason why simpler or less graphically complex titles couldn’t carry across these devices, and it’s only a matter of time before one debuts.

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