The Right Way to Do Remakes

The Right Way to Do Remakes

Per earlier observations, retro gaming is back in a massive way in 2010, 2011 and beyond. But while our previous post takes a look at why classic video games are on the rise again, it’s also important to note what qualities differentiate a solid update from one which tarnishes a particular game or franchise’s image simply for the sake of a shameless cash-in. While its examples may be a tad passé, given that the article was written in 2009, the points made in this Popular Science piece titled Play it Again, Sam still remain 100% relevant and valid today. Whether you’re a game developer, designer, publisher or simply avid fan, take note: The observations contained within can spare us all another Bionic Commando. Please – won’t you think of the children?

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  1. Bionic Commando was totally playable, and in fact I enjoyed the single player campaign more than several “must have” titles of 2010.

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