The Ultimate Retro Arcade

The Ultimate Retro Arcade

Having played games for nearly three decades, we often noted with sadness how many childhood favorites would quickly be discontinued and lost to time (OK, maybe just abandonware and dubiously legal retro games download sites, but we digress). Credit the blistering pace of today’s video game industry: Even titles less than five years old are often forgotten with each passing Christmas.

Thankfully for those who grew up alongside gaming, and fear for titles like Fallout, Jagged Alliance and Gabriel Knight‘s place in history, there’s a better solution: Good Old Games, better known as, or nirvana for retro gaming enthusiasts, at least depending on whom you ask. As we point out in A Guide to Retro Gaming, it makes a great way to enjoy floppy disk, CD-ROM and otherwise old-school PC titles that would otherwise fall by the wayside – all of which have been patched and updated to run on modern computers, and are solid digitally sans DRM (aka copy protection).

For those who grew up with some of gaming’s greatest franchises, but never thought they’d get to relive their wayward youth or experience them with their children, it’s the next best thing to owning your own personal Wayback Machine. Better yet, there’s no need to hunt down cracks, serial numbers and other workarounds either. Now if we could just get the online vendor to add a wider range of classics from Alone in the Dark and The Bard’s Tale to Wizardry, Ultima, Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry to its inventory, it might be the perfect solution for bridging the gap between generations. Until then, realize: It at least makes a worthy competitor to your old roomate’s CDs full of pirated copies of Spellcasting 101 and Eric the Unready.

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