Get Paid to Play Games

Professional video game players (pro gamers) such as Fatal1ty and members of the PMS Clan can make a comfortable living doing what they love most: Playing video games. But professional gaming hasn’t been all wine and roses, with many leagues folding in recent years and the hobby struggling to be recognized both as a viable living and respectable sport. Not that we disapprove: It’s just that, given the current economic and cultural climate, North America has been slower to embrace the concept than Asian territories such as Korea, where playing StarCraft and StarCraft II is a national pastime that can lead to fame and fortune.

As many pro gaming fans will tell you, getting paid to play games isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and an extremely tough (and often short-lived) way to make a living, so don’t quit your day job yet. Determined to dig deeper into the lives of those who ply their trade traveling the world, landing sponsorship deals and generally making a career out of competing for cash and prizes in gaming tournaments, we got the opportunity a couple years back to film the documentary Professional Gaming. Have a look at it and see if you’re ready to compete on the next level, and whether you think professional video game playing will eventually get the respect accorded to other athletics, let alone deserves to become recognized as an Olympic sport.

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  1. Am I the only one that finds it odd that several of those interviewed think people won’t want to watch others playing competitively ironic? I’m sorry, how much money is spent advertising during basketball, baseball, and football games? That there are networks entirely devoted to watching and commenting on other people playing games? That newspapers and news-programs have sections devoted to reporting on people who play games? NEWSFLASH: you are watching other people, many of which are payed millions of dollars, play GAMES! It may not have become mainstream yet, but it will. Our gaming lives are becoming increasingly connected with our “mainstream” lives and anyone who doesn’t see the future isn’t looking far enough…

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