Best Game Download Services

Best Game Download Services

Want to buy and download games right to your favorite video game system? Wish granted, as console owners now have online multiplayer and shopping services like the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and DSiWare right at their beck and call. But what about Mac and PC gamers? Fear not – from Steam to Impulse, GamersGate and, the Internet is full of promising vendors that also offer keyboard jockeys the chance to download the hottest new gaming releases right to your desktop or laptop computer. To learn more about what makes each of these top four best new games download services so compelling and unique, check out our recent feature article for CNN below.

Also worth noting: makes a mandatory fifth addition to the list, with its wide range of new releases (available at speeds that rival your local retailer) including Civilization V, Singularity and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, including the option to pre-order upcoming hits. A solid selection of budget releases, expansion packs, titles for under $10, weekly specials doesn’t hurt either, nor does the site’s sizable back catalog, featuring the likes of Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Meaning that whether you’re a PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DSi or PSP enthusiast, one can safely rejoice knowing that it’s easy to download digitally distributed games on-demand without even getting off the couch, or (shudder) even wearing pants for that matter.

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