(Video Game) Girls on Film

Here at Game Theory, we’re an equal opportunity employer: As far as we’re concerned, women deserve to have just as much of a voice in any conversation concerning the video game industry as men. (As well they should, considering that according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), they now comprise 40% of the total overall gaming audience… besides, they’re also our future bosses, and it never hurts to suck up.) However, in practice, this is still a very much male-dominated industry, and one in which females seldom have a chance to make their voice heard – which, in all seriousness, we find to be a genuine crime.

Ever the progressive types, we gave a few of our favorite ladies the chance to wield the microphone in 2008 for a special video documentary entitled Women Get in the Game. Thankfully, nowadays, so many are involved that simply addressing the topic at all seems in many ways like a quaint anachronism, although there’s admittedly still massive room for growth and acceptance. Hopefully going foreword, more women will get involved in the fields of game design, development and publishing to the point that industry insiders won’t feel compelled to separate players out by gender in future discussions. Not only is it demeaning, it also does truly valued members of the business and community a disservice. Simply hit the link up top to hear further thoughts on the topic by Denis Dyack, Brenda Brathwaite and other industry insiders.

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