The Politics of Video Games

Per earlier discussions, it promises to be a tremendously divisive year for PC and video games in the areas of politics and government. That goes double for violent video games with the Schwarzenegger vs. EMA case (which concerns government legislation of the sale of games to minors) soon to appear before the Supreme Court. While we’ve heard a number of heated arguments concerning how the trial potentially impacts the business, and why its key issues will no doubt be blown out of proportion to further politicians’ agendas, we’ve yet to explore just how powerful a special interest group gaming fans have become.

Credit massive cultural shifts, as revealed in a self-produced documentary entitled The Politics of Gaming (see the video player above), which takes a look at just how far-reaching the medium’s influence is today. In the video, we talk to everyone from gaming insiders such as Raph Koster, Steve Meretzky and Brad Wardell to our friends Hal Halpin of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) and Mike Gallagher at the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) to discuss the field’s cultural relevance. Reporters from USA Today and Kotaku also weigh in with their thoughts on why men and women, young and old are all flocking to the hobby in 2010, with other topics covered including gaming’s impact on modern entertainment, and how powerful a political force the art form promises to become. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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