A New Chapter in Game Journalism

We’ve already spoken long and loudly about many of the changes and issues currently sweeping the field of video game journalism. (And unfortunately leaving many magazines, websites and members of the media buried beneath the ensuing rubble.) So rather than waste time covering old ground, we’ve come up with a better solution to encapsulate what’s happening to today’s publishing business: Let the industry speak for itself.

Just click the link above to watch a short, but comprehensive video documentary, lovingly entitled Rewriting Game Journalism, that puts the field’s current troubles and problems in perspective. Featuring expertise and insight not only from reporters at Wired, USA Today, VentureBeat and Kotaku, but also commentary and criticism from industry notables like Cliff Bleszinski, Ian Livingstone and Lorne Lanning, it provides a thought-provoking look at the past, present and future of the craft. Is the media dying? Where do citizen journalists fit in? All you have to do is click to find out…

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