Remember When Casual Was Cool?

Before all the rumors started flying about the death of the casual games download business and critics started bemoaning the lack of decent new titles, things were looking a lot rosier for the casual games industry. At the time, we couldn’t help but note how successful it was becoming, growing by leaps and bounds, and serving to bring in nontraditional gaming audiences such as women and seniors long seen by critics as irrevocably lost to the medium. Thankfully, our 2008 documentary, simply titled Casual Games, offers a trip in the Wayback Machine to that halcyon time, just two short years ago, when things seemed so promising for free game downloads, casual gaming, social games and other related fields. Give it a peek to see what Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, game design legend Sid Meier and BioWare heads Ray Zeschuk and Greg Muzyka had to say about the subject.

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