Reliving the Next-Gen Console Wars

While it seems obvious in hindsight how the next-gen console wars between Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii were bound to play out, things weren’t quite so clear back in 2008. On the eve of the dawn of new technologies such as motion controls and 3D gaming which promise to reignite the battle all over again, we thought it might make a fun flashback to have a look at an old documentary (The Next-Gen Console Wars) we shot that shows how game industry insiders expected things to unfold. For predictions by Peter Molyneux, Michael Pachter, Sid Meier and others (including journalists like Joystiq’s Chris Grant and Kotaku’s Brian Crecente), visit the link above. Afterwards, be sure to write in to tell us, following the launch of the PlayStation Move and Kinect this fall, which you feel were accurate, which were grossly off-base, and which you still expect to come true.

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