The Indie Game Revolution

As you may have noticed, indie gaming is now huge on every platform from PCs to portable gaming systems, smartphones and next-gen video game consoles. Credit a rise in digital distribution and upswing in interest in pushing the very boundaries of the gaming medium by thousands of talented amateur and independently-minded professional studios worldwide. Determined to discover what’s behind the sudden rise of interest in new topics and gameplay styles, as well as the larger DIY movement, we surveyed a number of the field’s top thought leaders and experts to get their take.

Having gone on record concerning the issue many times before, we firmly believe that this explosion in creativity is a major driving force behind a modern video game renaissance. Likewise, it’s also leading to more experimentation and innovation than we’ve seen since the golden age of play, when developers such as Ultima creator Richard “Lord British” Garriott and Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams were making games in their homes and selling titles packaged in Ziploc baggies. Looking to learn more about the growing indie movement, and its overall significance to the gaming canon? Our recent documentary Garage Days 2.0 (highlighted above) provides a brief, but solid overview of the topic from the perspective of today’s top journalists, experts and game designers.

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