Tomorrow’s Best New Game Designers

Determining who tomorrow’s most acclaimed video game designer will be is easy: Just look in the mirror. While visionaries like Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright and Peter Molyneux will always have their place in the gaming world, the concept of user-generated content (homebrew levels, missions, games, etc.) is quickly blurring the lines between amateurs and pros. Moreover, as the gaming world continues to move towards larger titles that require teams of hundreds of skilled, but mostly faceless laborers working in tandem to build, it’s inevitable that most breakout success stories will have to come from lone individuals who claw their way up the ranks of the fan community.

Look on the bright side. Now that players themselves – many who have fewer time, budget and political constraints to deal with than actual software creators – have the tools to transform entire virtual worlds, it’s inevitable that we’ll see genius coming from the unlikeliest sources. It’s a phenomenon we delve deeper into in a documentary dubbed The Next Level: User-Generated Content, which reveals how mods, level editors and DIY gaming are putting fans more in control of the industry’s fate than ever. Give it a gander, and see if you don’t feel more inspired to create new creatures, maps or 3D universes, or at least download a few dozen of your fellow players’ inventions for Spore, Unreal Tournament 3 or LittleBigPlanet right out of the gate…

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