Convergence: A Lost Cause in 2010?

Convergence – the marriage of movies, television shows, comic books, music and other forms of pop culture entertainment with video games – continues to be a hot-button topic in 2010. Not so much in terms of the concept itself (in fact, the term has mercifully started to die out somewhat in recent years), but rather the role in which it’ll play in the advancement of 3D gaming and 3D TV’s larger evolution. Regardless, with movies such as Prince of Persia recently making waves in theaters, the idea of films based on video games, and games based on popular Hollywood franchises still seems one the public remains fascinated with.

Actual results of these hybrid experiments generally tend to be Frankenstein-like horrors (see anything by notorious film director Uwe Boll). But there’s no doubt that industry insiders remain committed to the idea of seeing the lines between pop culture mediums blurring. Back in 2008, we got the chance to take a look at how smash hit TV shows and movies are adapted into interactive properties, the development steps required to do so, and just how closely the process of making games has begun to resemble that of building celluloid counterparts. The video – simply known as Convergence: Music and Movies Meet Games – might not win any Oscars, but provides a compelling glimpse behind the red carpet.

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