Killzone 3 Preview: Thoughts on PS3′s Killer App

Killzone 3 Preview: Thoughts on PS3′s Killer App

One of the more impressive showings at Sony’s E3 conference — and throughout the rest of the show — was Killzone 3, a new sci-fi sequel to the popular PlayStation 3 first-person shooter series.

Slated for a February 2011 launch, Guerrilla Games’ intense action game once again has you facing off against the relentless Helghast army — and scrambling to protect the human race in the process — albeit now in new war-torn environments, against more powerful enemies and with a host of deadly weapons and military vehicles at your disposal.

Along with the cinematic single-player campaign, gamers can expect a number of online multiplayer modes (though we don’t have any details yet), and support for 3D-enabled televisions and the PlayStation Move motion-sensing controller.

The game takes place on the planet Helghan, with much bigger set pieces — including alien jungles in the south of Helghan and arctic wastelands to the north — and more destructible environments for Hollywood-like eye-candy.

Guerrilla Games says levels are up to 10 times the size of those fought in Killzone 2, allowing for more vehicle gameplay. In fact, in the snowy fourth level of the solo campaign, where the player begins by firing from a mounted turret in an attack helicopter, the first three minutes of the level is the equivalent of an entire level from Killzone 2.

Speaking of the last game, the story continues from the end of Killzone 2, when the evil Emperor Visari is dead at the feet of Sev and Rico, but a new and more vicious Helghan uprising takes place in the wake of Visari’s death — and a renewed vow to take on the entire universe.

Fire up your jetpack for visceral 3D shootouts in Killzone 3, coming to PS3 in 2011.

You return as Sev, an ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) soldier who puts the new weapons and moves to good use, including a Wasp missile launcher (perfect for taking down jetpack-donning Helghast) and new melee system for up-close-and-personal attacks, respectively. You can also slide into cover behind objects for some intense “stop and pop” moments, too.

Guerrilla Games says one of your objectives in the single-player game is to find a way “to get the hell off of Helghast” — with a little more prodding it’s revealed players will end up in space at the finale of the game. Sweet.

Graphics look much better this time around, too, including water that looks absolutely incredible, enormous explosions, and of course, the aforementioned support for stereoscopic 3D glasses, which adds considerable depth to the game — including looking down the barrel of your guns and enemies that appear to jump forward out from behind walls and doors.

While the coming year will feature many first-person sci-fi shooters, Killzone 3 looks to be one of the more promising ones to watch for.

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