Video Games: A House Divided

In our earlier post on the state of the video game business, we explored a number of reasons for the decline in video game sales that continues to plague the field. Chief among them: An industry too long tied to traditional ways of doing business in a world where cash is tighter than ever for many households; competition the fiercest it’s ever been in gaming history; audiences are fractured across a wider range of platforms; and evolution now occurs in real-time.

Rather than expound at length ourselves though, we invited a number of game industry luminaries from Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor to Gaikai CEO David Perry and BioWare heads Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk to put things in perspective. The above video, created long before the devastating drop in console and PC hardware/software’s retail performance, reveals the market forces at work which are currently shaping the field, and how they were much harder to account for than see coming.

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