History, According to Video Games

History, According to Video Games

Like most media pundits, we must confess our weakness for all things hyperbolic – in a business driven largely by headlines and sound bytes, it tends to come with the territory. But according to our outspoken friends at Nyko (per CNN.com), ‘history’ was made at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual tradeshow which shines the spotlight on all things gaming-related. While we’re not entirely sure we agree with this assessment (as we’ve previous alluded, many of today’s most important new video game trends are actually happening off convention floors) though, it’s easy to understand the sentiment.

From cloud computing services (Gaikai, OnLive, Instant Action, OTOY, etc.) to 3D games of all stripes (see: the Nintendo 3DS’ software lineup, titles like Killzone 3 and Mortal Kombat) and motion controls (Sony’s PlayStation Move, Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360), this year’s event was awash in new technology and hardware innovations. Small wonder we ourselves dubbed it “an annual Mecca” and “mandatory pilgrimage” in the same article (thus proving that our hypocrisy knows no bounds). Still, as author Doug Gross deftly points out, there’s a lot more happening out there of significance for interactive entertainment as a whole from a cultural standpoint that made this year’s conference especially meaningful. And, of course, it just goes to show that gaming is poised in many ways to have its biggest year ever as a result of these advances.

What say you: Was a new chapter in the field’s evolution written? Or is E3 2010 destined to be just a footnote? Either way, if you have friends and family members who’ve been living under a rock, it’s worth sharing the piece, which succinctly sums up the show, and medium’s, importance:

Video Game ‘History’ To Be Made This Week at E3 – CNN.com

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