The Game Industry’s Most Exciting Innovations

The Game Industry’s Most Exciting Innovations

From social games to digitally-distributed offerings, indie titles, downloadable content (DLC) and free-to-play online games that run in your Web browser, all have one thing in common. Despite being some of the most innovative concepts in gaming today, and oftentimes boasting fan bases that far dwarf those of traditional video game titles (see: Zynga’s FarmVille, which has roughly 6X as many players as World of Warcraft), all were shockingly downplayed at North America’s largest interactive entertainment tradeshow, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Still very much a retail-focused event, the spotlight was instead focused on blockbuster outings for PCs and set-top consoles, e.g. Rage, Metal Gear Solid Rising and Gears of War 3. But while we’re as excited about Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Epic Mickey as the next joystick waggler, the fact that these titles – as well as technologies such as 3D gaming, cloud computing and motion controls – stole the media spotlight is somewhat disingenuous. Not only are groundbreaking offerings such as apps for smartphones and touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as virtual worlds and microtransaction-based services massively broadening the hobby’s appeal and completely transforming the gaming landscape right down to our very definition of the term “video game.” They’re also doing so here and now – not effectively threatening to do so from a commercial standpoint two to three years hence, as with 3D or cloud solutions.

In hopes of shedding a little light on these other, equally noteworthy forms of interactive entertainment, we connected with the crew at CNN to bring you a look at where several of the video game industry’s most pivotal and innovative bright spots currently reside. Just click the link below to get our take on the situation, then be sure to chime in with your own thoughts in the comments section below.

What Gamers Won’t See at E3 This Week –

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